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  • Avatar for HurricaneGregor
    Both 60s and prog metal Andromeda are awesome. Psytrance Andromeda is decent. Haven't heard any of the others.
  • Avatar for movinwes
    why the caps lock?
  • Avatar for radioacrata
    60s Andromeda
  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    spiral galaxy Andromeda (1)
  • Avatar for nallalium
    60s Andromeda
  • Avatar for maxson924
    Top eight pics are of the prog metal band. Good.
  • Avatar for RogerBrazil
    60's Andromeda
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    >> About the wiki above ... "Prior in tempore, prior in jure" ( Find out! ... or translate if you don't understand )
  • Avatar for castimoniia
    60s Andromeda!!! [24]
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    Why is it´s name in CAPS
  • Avatar for MarvinGarcia11
    60s Andromeda had some cool album art.
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Asylum <3
  • Avatar for radioacrata
    60s ANDROMEDA!!
  • Avatar for maxson924
    ALL CAPS [2]
  • Avatar for fuelbomb
  • Avatar for Bentwick09
    60s Andromeda!! [23] OF COURSE....!!!
  • Avatar for xAnalJihadx
    andromeda metalcore 90s!
  • Avatar for caredu1
    60s Andromeda!!
  • Avatar for MSK92
    Swedish progressive Metal band is Great! The Extension of the Wish is their album that I prefer!
  • Avatar for Chemin
    Shoutboxes like these make me sick.
  • Avatar for radioacrata
    60s Andromeda!! [21]
  • Avatar for zuba89
    60s Andromeda
  • Avatar for wetterbedder
    They're going to Viet Nam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock Storm Goooooo
  • Avatar for likeakangaroo
    Does anyone know what ever happened to the U.K. Psych group?? Their stuff is so great.
  • Avatar for xdreamx19
    60s prog rock Andromeda > cliche prog metal Andromeda
  • Avatar for gibbonsroq
    Swedish Progressive Metal Band! [6]
  • Avatar for caredu1
    60s Andromeda [18]
  • Avatar for Just_Lik_Priest really should fix this stuff of same spelled band
  • Avatar for r_blon
    Swedish Progressive Metal Band! [5]
  • Avatar for BN84
    60s Andromeda - amazing music! Any fan of classic rock should listen to the only album of the band. :)
  • Avatar for radioacrata
    60s Andromeda! [15]
  • Avatar for Plague94
    Funny how all 4 bands are considered some form of progressive music
  • Avatar for ArcTheseus
    Swedish Progressive Metal Band! [4]
  • Avatar for Noxbi
    @Lunarsight I would say "Hell yes" if it was some epic photoshop work (and I don't mean merging two random pictures of those bands like in many other profiles), otherwise... meh.
  • Avatar for Psychedelic1982
    60s Andromeda UK ! :)
  • Avatar for dequarus
    Aquí la página de del auténtico y original grupo británico de rock progresivo y hard rock [artist] Andromeda (uk) [/artist]
  • Avatar for Lunarsight
    Considering the band picture keeps changing back and forth, why don't we just get all the guys from both Andromedas to take a single picture for the Last FM band page? It might be more efficient that way.
  • Avatar for jfass17
    Swedish Progressive Metal Band!
  • Avatar for Zeppelin1405
    60s Andromeda! [13]
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
    Swedish Progressive Metal Band! [2]
  • Avatar for edneoson
    Swedish progressive metal band!
  • Avatar for scarlet79
    60s Andromeda! [12]
  • Avatar for KhorneRock
    60s Andromeda! [11]
  • Avatar for Lunarsight
    Prog-metal Andromeda for the win. Yeeha. [4]
  • Avatar for radioacrata
    ANDROMEDA: John Du Cann
  • Avatar for al_shashkin
    Song «The Great Giana Sisters» is the best!
  • Avatar for Todestoast
    Prog-metal Andromeda for the win. Yeeha. [3]
  • Avatar for furiousn
    [1] TRANCE Andromeda!) - Agreed. amazing rhythms.
  • Avatar for enterPPP
    Я слушал английскую Андромеду 60-хх, а не шведских геев!
  • Avatar for Blue_Fatty
    Prog-metal Andromeda for the win. Yeeha. [3] Haven't heard any of the other seven Andromedas... Any of them good? o_O


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