• WANTED: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music

    8 Jan 2013, 01:39 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is an ever-growing list of bands and albums I am searching for. Much like the 'haves' journal, not all of these artists are current residents of the area, but all of them have called the region home at one time or another.
    2. This list will never be completely up-to-date, as there are so many musicians that have come out of the area and have released albums with multiple bands. I've also chalked it up to a near-impossibility that I will ever get all of these, but I can try.
    3. I'm open for almost all types of music. If you have something you may not see here, don't let that keep you from speaking up about it. The only types of music I make a general rule not to track down are those who lean more towards a sound of rap rock/nu-metal (downthesun, 8 degrees, Canvas), bar band/classic rock/hair metal/general guitar wankery (Puddle of Mudd fits into the bar band category, the others I don't care to list examples for), or bad rap (Tech N9ne, countless others).
  • HAVES: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music: #-K

    18 Nov 2010, 02:57 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is a journal containing bands and albums I have recordings from on my computer. Though I try to support local music as best as I can by attending shows and buying albums, not all of this music I am in direct physical possession of through purchase.
    2. Not all of the bands below are directly from the KC/Lawrence area. Other cities and towns I keep in this collection are Topeka, KS, Columbia, MO, Wichita, KS, Warrensburg, MO, Manhattan, KS, and a few other, more rural areas of the region. Essentially, it contains everything east of and including Wichita in Kansas, and everything west of and including Columbia in Missouri.
    3. In addition to the previous point, you will notice that not all of the bands here are current residents of the region. Many bands (Mates of State, White Rabbits, etc.) unfortunately decided to move away to a larger metro area. Others (The Appleseed Cast, Namelessnumberheadman), were started in different regions and then relocated here at some point, usually early in their career. …
  • Top Albums 2009 [NEW!!]

    8 Jan 2010, 22:30 by BobbyO2000

    01 Etienne Jaumet *Night Music*
    02 Noisettes *Wild Young Hearts*
    03 Dead Man’s Bones *Dead Man’s Bones*
    04 Jack Peñate *Everything Is New*
    05 Andrew Weatherall *A Pox On The Pioneers*
    06 Blakroc *Blakroc*
    07 Chris Garneau * El Radio*
    08 Andrew Morgan *Please Kid, Remember*
    09 Raekwon *Only Built 4 Cuban Linx pt II*
    10 Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas *II*
    11 Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse *Dark Night Of The Soul*
    12 The Horrors *Primary Colours*
    13 Benjamin Biolay *La Superbe*
    14 Lightning Dust *Infinite Light*
    15 Junior Boys *Begone Dull Care*
    16 UGK *UGK 4 Life*
    17 Coconut Records *Davy*
    18 Mos Def *The Ecstatic*
    19 Miike Snow *Miike Snow*
    20 Telekinesis! *Telekinesis!*
    21 Karen O & The Kids *Where The Wild Things Are*
    22 The Juan McLean *The Future Will Come*
    23 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart *The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart*
    24 M Ward *Hold Time*
    25 Ludivico Einaudi *Nightbook*
    26 Esser *Braveface*
    27 Fryars *Dark Young Hearts*
  • Best of 2009

    27 Nov 2009, 20:40 by sunnychick

    Close Contenders

    Manic Street Preachers Journal For Plague Lovers
    The Low Anthem Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
    Andrew Bird Noble Beast

    Most exciting album of 2009

    Nirvana Live at Reading

    But my favourite albums of 2009 are these:

    10. The Leisure Society The Sleeper

    A pleasant little album, made prettier by the gorgeous The Last of the Melting Snow, (Ivor Novello nominated apparently), Are We Happy?, and The Sleeper, then counteracted with the sourness of Save It For Someone Who Cares, We Were Wasted and The Darkest Place I know. Wonderful debut album.

    9. Atlas Sounds Logos

    I'd never heard of this guy before and even less made the Bradford Cox/Deerhunter connection, which is slightly odd given that I love Deerhunter. I didn't like Logos much when I first heard it; it sounded unfinished, slightly rough cut. The classic case of an album being a grower. Standout tracks, Walkabout, Sheila?/ Shelia? and Quick Canal, the highspot of the album.