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  • Avatar for juanfmonc
    Hey, this photography – – is inspired by this song, you may like it. :)
  • Avatar for tres_kafkaesque
    No one can break your heart , so you break it yourself. Gets me every time. [2]
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    No one can break your heart , so you break it yourself. Gets me every time.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    fantastic. I love the spector vibe.
  • Avatar for thinkofengland
    great song. and great performance on jimmy fallon the other night. i can't wait to see him at coachella! now i remember why i used to be completely obsessed with him.
  • Avatar for SarahCristina
    loving the old rock feel to this song
  • Avatar for shauniqua
    this sounds eerily like seattle band Yuni in Taxco.
  • Avatar for FriendOfMine
    chorus reminds me of Jens Lekman. great song
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    this one grew on me too, it's getting more of an anthem feel to it each time
  • Avatar for anamargarites
    WarrenJudkins you´re right! Beack Boys. :) This song actually grew on me! I thought of it as "flat" at first, but now I´m starting to like it a lot.
  • Avatar for thornykins
    I'm not pleased with this song. Live versions without guitar sounded promising but this arrangement is just... bland. I can't say the lo-fi recording does any favors for his voice.
  • Avatar for WarrenJudkins
    Besides that he uses the Phil Spector drumbeat a few times
  • Avatar for WarrenJudkins
    Sorry. I meant a minute and a half in.
  • Avatar for WarrenJudkins
    Anyone else getting a Beach Boys vibe from parts of this song? It hit me hardest during the part about a minute in where he's whistling. It's like the Beach Boys with whistling.
  • Avatar for salutemyshorts
    I'm sure it will be even more amazing live. It's "missing" some pizzicato and his usual soaring vocals/whistling but I still really enjoy it.
  • Avatar for EndOfNovember
    I was underwhelmed at first. It's totally pleasant but lacks distinction in terms of unusual/new melodies/sections/etc.. But after a few listens I feel very comfortable hearing it and it makes me happy. I like it.
  • Avatar for Tiewen
    It sounds not very different. But his voice sounds a bit weird in this song.
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    Bird went Ham aS a MutHa on this track. Forreal.

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