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Andrew Bird

Armchairs (6:25)


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  • You didn't write. You didn't call. It didn't cross your mind at all.
  • <3
  • sounds like broken social scene with jeff buckley as a guest singer so
  • Man, this totally reminds me of Jeff Buckley
  • He's a genius!
  • This song is just incredible
  • If this isn't the sexiest song of all-time, then nothing is.
  • This is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
  • time's a crooked bow
  • The song that silence sings.
  • I thought I hated this guy, but he reminds me a bit of Jeff Buckley in this one. He may be growing on me... Hmm..
  • makes me cry
  • Perfect.
  • grab hold of your bootstraps and pull like hell
  • The way this song builds and builds just gets me every time. Bravo, Mr. Bird.
  • i'm an andrew bird fan, but i just heard this for the first time too. wow. why hadn't i heard this before!?
  • I think I want to marry this man. Mrs. Bird has a nice ring to it.
  • i could just cry....... sheer beauty.
  • makes me cry
  • Making me miss Buckley.
  • swoon
  • This and Cataracts. Probably my favourites!
  • "You didn't write, you didn't call, it didn't cross your mind at all." <-- lol... Hm, but I adore this song.
  • It's too much for only 1000 characters.
  • wow!
  • Epic!!!
  • I think I've fell in love.
  • Good song
  • <3
  • Such a beautiful song
  • Perfection.
  • I honestly feel that Andrew practically bled his heart out in this song.
  • dig this here... last.fm/music/zac+vann ... free mp3s for your earphones
  • great talent, true artist
  • amazing, soulful, wonderful
  • Wow, this is the most exciting song I've listened to lately.
  • "In time you need to learn to love the ebb just like the flow." brilliant.
  • Wonderful to see an artist bare it all in a song. Fantastic.
  • grab hold of your bootstraps and pull like hell...
  • Favorite song. Period.
  • nice
  • you didn't write, you didn't call, you didn't care about me at all...
  • jesus this song is so amazing
  • Grab hold of your bootstraps.
  • can't get enough. my favorite of his, tied with heretics.
  • awkward paussseeeee.... fatal flaw...
  • very beautiful...(sigh)
  • I love how complex this song is. Breathtaking.
  • Beautiful intro...
  • Greatness.


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