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  • Avatar for alix11
    getting your thom yorke on a bit. just a bit.
    andrew bird is perfect.
  • Avatar for idiomisme
    :) :) :)
  • Avatar for anamargarites
    I know this one, I know this song. I know this one, I love this song. I know this one. <3
  • Avatar for ForNow
    Never realised that this was on the austin city limits recording from 2007!
  • Avatar for theboredone
    Had this on a playlist someone made me, played it at work a bit and always assumed it was Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett... turns out I was wrong and that I love Andrew Bird
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    This could easily be a BSS track.
  • Avatar for jnoelhart
    hold on just a second!
  • Avatar for troglodyte2225
    it has so many meanings, wonderful
  • Avatar for wienochnie
    a bit too disjointed for my evening taste.. worth revisiting
  • Avatar for SLemonspunk
    .000005 Seconds in I realized I can't be jaded with this guy.
  • Avatar for aFINEmess18
    Everything about this song is perfect.
  • Avatar for tettigonia
  • Avatar for TamakiHindle
    i could listen to this forever. and ever.
  • Avatar for Murderer
    This is absolutely fantastic. Music sounds like classically influenced hip-hop. And his voice. His voice completes it!
  • Avatar for hairbear36
    Not sure on this one, it may grow on me
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    This is your first listen to Andrew Bird...but it certainly won't be my last...good tune!
  • Avatar for JerryJaramillo
    This Guy makes wanna Turn gay.
  • Avatar for splitinfives
    I think I could listen to this forever
  • Avatar for lola__2007
  • Avatar for dalmascan
    when the guitar comes in at 2:52 it's just amazing
  • Avatar for sontarieh
    this track is simply amazing. maybe my favorite bird=)
  • Avatar for cool4kids
  • Avatar for hfluffo
  • Avatar for white_velo
    So great song. It inspires me
  • Avatar for coltonrabon
    this is his best song, ever. love <3
  • Avatar for sarawhitez100
    his best song
  • Avatar for luchicapurro
    I love him.
  • Avatar for Jonnyroadster
    amazing, love it.
  • Avatar for rachelrobot
    This is so awesome! I heard it in the Original Skateboards Puerto Rico Longboarding series... Went to download it and realized I already had it. It was a nice surprise :)
  • Avatar for aayangie
    Good god this is amazing!
  • Avatar for paauliii
  • Avatar for birdcalls
    this man is so brilliant, wish I could see him live.
  • Avatar for jojathiel
    bobbing along bobbing along
  • Avatar for rachelami
  • Avatar for auggie12
    Best song ever!
  • Avatar for cgmangosunshine
    this and not a robot are so haunting. I love Andrew.
  • Avatar for WikkidX
    I am simply captivated.
  • Avatar for tettigonia
    great song!!
  • Avatar for jawdun
    wow cool, accomplished whistler hahahaha but true thinking back to 'nervous tic motion of the head' i didn't realize it was him whistling v v v nice
  • Avatar for mil_es
    2:25 / i know this one i love this song.
  • Avatar for qwertyfla
    I seriously think this is my favourite song ever.
  • Avatar for meandmywalrus
    the new austin city limits 09 set with this song sounds so much nicer
  • Avatar for Mambazo
    His best song since he started his solo career.
  • Avatar for AndrewRoseInnit
    In his Bio ''He is also an accomplished whistler. …'' Hahaha, oh man.
  • Avatar for natahlieee
    best song of the album DEFINITELY! agh cant get enough of it...
  • Avatar for UmmmHayley
    oh god oh god oh god.
  • Avatar for Mariakjellvandz
    The highpoint of the album.


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