• Andrea Marquee and authenticity

    9 May 2010, 16:49 by blogmeridian

    Not that anyone reading this should have noticed, but I have spent this morning adding content to the artist page for Andrea Marquee, a Brazilian singer I'm quite fond of who has a grand total of one album available in the United States, Zumbi. But anyone rushing over to that page will probably wonder what the big deal is--you'll see some cut-and-pasted content from National Geographic (which they got from Calabash Music (now MondoMusic), a link to Last.fm's Portuguese-language wiki page, and another picture. So, really, it'd be more accurate to say that I've been trying to find content to add. Speaking of which: Here is the link to Zumbi's page on Amazon, with all of three reviews, one of which I added just this morning.

    But I'm posting this not because of the above but because of some commentary I ran across in a couple of reviews for another record that Marquee's music appears on, a sampler called Brasil 2mil. This appears to be a pretty good survey of contemporary Brazilian music; artists include Bebel Gilberto