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Co- founded Slipknot along with Shawn Crahan, Anders was the original vocalist for Slipknot. He has underseen the recording of Slipknot’s EP Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Slipknot thought that in order to make the next transition to find a major label they needed a more nice radio voice rather than the deep Max Calvera like grunt of Anders and so they brought in Corey Taylor. The band wanted Anders to do back up vocals and handle percussion, but he got bored of that idea and publicly quit before performing Heartache and a Pair of Scissors (Scissors) for the last time. After Slipknot, Anders formed Painface, and started where MFKR left off. Shortly, Painface fell through as well.But after a while Painface became On A Pale Horse,which is a great band.It contains Josh (ex-#4 of Slipknot) on guitar.Anders has now retired from all music.But he did a good job in his career.

Anders’ first job was a paper route. After that, his first “real” job was McDonald’s.

There are not many people who know this, but Anders’s real name is “Andrew Rouw” – Anders Colsefni was a pseudonym (made-up).

Nickname: Corn Wallace (originally created by Joey as a clawed monster in one of his pictures, Anders took the name on).

Anders wrote the original lyrics for the song Slipknot – now called (sic)

Born: 1972 – Des Moines
Instrument: Vocals/Growls – Auxiliary percussion
Mask: Electrical tape on face, tribal war paint on flesh, fur skin skirt – “The skirt is a simple contrast with the rest of myself. It’s odd-looking on me. The fur helps me keep in touch with the Wild. The electrical tape is also simply an odd-looking thing. I don’t wear that stuff very often. Only on very special occasions. That was my whole Slipknot get-up. I didn’t wear an actual mask. The sticky tape was inspired by a section from the secret track within MFKR, Dogfish Rising where Shawn rips of tape from his face to create a noise.”


First band- 1989- 1991: VeXX
Josh from Slipknot was guitarist/singer Paul from Slipknot was bassist
Anders was the drummer

Second band- 1991- 1993: Inveigh Catharsis
Same line-up as above

Third band- 1993- 1995: Body Pit
Mick – guitar (Slipknot)
Donnie Steele (original Slipknot guitarist)
Danny Spain – drums (Deadfront)
Paul – Bass (Slipknot)
Anders – vocals

Fourth Band- 1995- 1997: Slipknot
(Original Line-up)
Anders – vocals
Paul – bass
Shawn- drums
Donnie S. – guitars
Josh – guitars
Joey Jordison – drums

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