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  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    The new VNV song "Retaliate" is brilliant. [url=]Free download too.[/url]
  • Avatar for Silverhawk33
    This band still sounds brilliant, their releases are top quality.
  • Avatar for zealovs
    Such a silly band and yet I have loved them for 13 years.. o_O
  • Avatar for unddercharlezz
    And One in Mexico FTW!!!
  • Avatar for mecefra
    Наконец-то нормальная фотография.
  • Avatar for Jason1087
    好听的不得了:Movie Star, Military Fashion Show, Fehlschlag, So klingt Liebe And One I love you so much
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    .•*¨*•♫♪•<❤>_♪♫ॐ•_•ॐ♫♪+<❤>•♪♫•*¨*•.¸ ништяк
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Sounds familiar? [url=]Depeche Mode - Heaven (Justin Warfield Remix)[/url]
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  • Avatar for Sonic1708
    schade das sie aufhören....
  • Avatar for grippedbyfear
    it's over there...
  • Avatar for drbrutality
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  • Avatar for Timeisnear
    I dont know them, but when i was randomly found Killing the mercy and for more with Lisa Vandalism in it i must say how was i able to not cross them much faster ....
  • Avatar for Fpimpf
    Aggressor and Bodypop - i love these albums !! <3
  • Avatar for etienne_b
    Dancing in the Factory on Tell Me Lies..
  • Avatar for _stooge
    Shice Guy is good, but yeah S.T.O.P is something else. I don't know how Steve keeps this up...
  • Avatar for cosimatropina
    Schade schade...
  • Avatar for Eat-Me-Drink-Me
    Get You Closer!
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
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  • Avatar for drbrutality
    And One - Shice Guy (Limited Edition EP) (2012) sounds good?
  • Avatar for drbrutality
    So Klingt Liebe I Love that
  • Avatar for euforycznie
    definitely Tanzomat!
  • Avatar for strahlemaus
    Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei! :P
  • Avatar for ElectroPeter
    I love their military costumes
  • Avatar for Fpimpf
    Please, come back to Poland !!! <3
  • Avatar for limpicatto
  • Avatar for Dep_Mode
    Why did they dieee T.T
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    New album is my favourite album as a whole. Really solid delivery. Great band
  • Avatar for adrianomozzo
    Dont get me wrong!!!!!!!
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  • Avatar for drbrutality
    'When my heart stops spitting music, I'll die' steve Naghavi ...Coming soon
  • Avatar for Melinda_M
    I Like it.
  • Avatar for unddercharlezz
    Please come to America! One of my dreams is to watch And One in concert :'(
  • Avatar for Trexacious
    Well, shit nevermind, now they have really broken up. :(
  • Avatar for Trexacious
    They haven't broke up, they're just labelless now and will only sell records at their shows and online. Apparently they're "tired of the business" or something like that.
  • Avatar for ProjectPickaxe
    they broke up! nooooooooo! thank goodness i got to see them live.
  • Avatar for Big_Mek
    Schade ist's. Ich hoffe die angekündigte Live-DVD kommt noch. Ich freu mich auf alle Fälle jetzt schonmal auf die "Magnet".
  • Avatar for Headhunter84
    AND ONE kündigen für 2013 Abschiedstournee an!!
  • Avatar for TheWormPrincess
    Their songs are just so fucking sexy ;)
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    S.T.O.P. is the best And One has done in years
  • Avatar for RideLife
    I love S.T.O.P!!!
  • Avatar for drbrutality
    Nice, Very Nice!
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Yeah it's got some of the best material I've ever heard from And One.
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    S.T.O.P. is a really good album, and I don't pay much attention to their new stuff...
  • Avatar for ottosox
    Oh my god Dancing in the Factory is so cool damn
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    My Mission from Treibwerk reminds me of Killng Joke a lot, like a lot...


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