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  1. From Seattle, WA

    "Super leftist, athiestic, forward thinking, semi nihilistic, 90's, metallic, hardcore hate violence"

    It's pronounced (sin-Ar-uh).…

  2. Brutal, stupid and awesome grind/hardcore sideproject featuring members of Pulling Teeth and Triac. Taste The Beast! …

  3. The Love Below are a hardcore/sludge/metal band from southern California. Formed in 2008, the band released a four song demo in 2009. Soon after…

  4. www.low-places.com

  5. Pick Your Side is a new studio project band featuring Jeff Beckman of Haymaker/Left For Dead on vocals and Johnny Ibay of Fuck The Facts on…

  6. Vilipend have been active in Toronto's heavy music scene since early 2008. Known for their ominous, intense live atmosphere and creative and varied…

  7. A389 Recordings.

    Hemlock 13 coven.


    United Kingdom.

  8. Aaron Melnick's (ex-Integrity, In Cold Blood, Inmates) new band.

  9. Australian HOLY TERROR metalcore band from Brisbane. Featuring members of Against.
    For fans of Ringworm, Integrity and In Cold Blood.


  10. Jesuit were a metal and sludge influenced hardcore band from the Virginia Beach area. The lineup included, among others, Nate Newton (of Converge,…

  11. Labels: A389/Chainsaw Safety/Copper Lung

    Line up changes, music changes

    (2008) Monolith Cassette
    (2008) Self Titled 10"
    (2009) Deep in the…

  12. There are at least 2 bands using the name Virgin Witch.

    1) A thrash band from Mexico. Forming in 1984, they released a single demo tape, Death…

  13. Since Skin Like Iron's inception in the final days of 2006, a major emphasis has been placed on songwriting and recording. With three cassette…

  14. sludge/hardcore mix from the bowels of Dublin, Ireland


  15. Funeral Punk from Reno, Nv

  16. GIRLFIGHT is a loud punk/hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA.

  17. http://losingskin.bandcamp.com

    Losing Skin are a metallic hardcore band and…

  18. BURDENS is:
    Chris Evans - vocals
    Dan Zimmerman - guitar
    Dave Lawson - drums
    Mike Oldham - bass

    Download new EP as of January 2012 for FREE @…

  19. Clevo metal. Twilight Haunt sounds like nothing else; gloomy, brutal and incredibly well played. This is evil.

    Haunting metallic hardcore from Cleveland,…


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