• Anatolian Wisdom interview with Hanephi (2009 Jan.)

    27 Jan 2009, 08:08 by Jasonhood

    Hey Hanephi! How did your winter holidays go or is this an improper question from a black metal musician?



    I really don’t follow the Christian holidays but I consider those days as old pagan holidays. When you look their origins it has nothing to do with the birth of Christ or anything that moronic. I like that period of time around the winter solstice. It is dark
    cold and snowy what else!

    Can you tell me a few things about the band’s history?


    I’m the founder of the band and it has all started in 2002, I was in other
    bands before but I had the idea to create something new and personal. It took me
    a little while to get other musicians involve in to the band. I think we created the
    initial line up early 2004 and then recorded our first CD “Towards the darkness of
    Anatolia” Upon this release we started to play our few first shows in 2004. In my opinion this CD was quite epic and had a mythological concept behind it. Lyrics were mostly influenced by both Anatolian and Sumerian myths.