• Some old, some new, but all great.

    1 Jun 2007, 19:51 by Neuronix

    Wed 30 May – Anathema, Footfalls

    This Wednesday Anathema played their first gig in a long time. The vanue was Bibelot in Dordrecht, a former church. The support-act was Footfalls. They played a type of music that's kind of hard to describe. There were some gothic influences as well as some rather progressive parts. All in all not bad, but not good enough to draw me to the stage right away.

    After waiting for a long time while playing a game of spot the bandmember (with especially Danny popping up everywhere during the half hour before finally making it to the stage) the band finally started playing. They played around 7 of the 14 newly recorded songs and as Vinnie explained "it's all different genres". Especially Angels Walk Among Us was a very strong song as well as the instrumental song which was announced as being the closing track on the upcoming album.

    Apart from that a lot of oldies made it on the setlist as well. …