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Anarchy's Daughters were found in 2009 by 2 'dumbasses' like they like to call themselves in Sofia, Bulgaria. They purposely sing with retarded voices and have super idiotic lyrics, which make their fans LOL when they listen to them. The 2 Anarchy'sDaughters members both quit the group in May 2010 and immediately created a new one with the same name, but one month later they decided to abandon their new project and return back to their first group.

Their First EP, which was never released due to its awesomeness was called HE HEY.

Now, as well the album, they are working on two EPs. The first one will be their debut album, and it will consist only of perfectly retarded songs. The second EP is about a group called Marsh, who are from their school. This beef started, when Anarchy's Daughters' member Young Chepone asked the drummer of Marsh if they want to do a song featuring Anarchy's Daughters, and he said NO. Well so long now, suckas!!

There is also a single called " Cell Devision" featuring two guys from their school who asked The Daughters to do a song with them for their biology project because they didn't have a studio themselves, and they recieved an A, of course, thanks to AD, and had to suck their dicks to thank them.

They are currently working on a full lenght album called "Hit Yourself" which will be released summer 2011. 9 of the tracks are out as singles and available for free download on this page.

The production of thе LP will be postponed until later in the year because their studio has been sabotaged. A mysterious man went mad because MC Chepeti smoked weed, and trashed the studio of the group. In the process, a microphone and a banana were destroyed. This man claims that he is the father of group member MC Chepeti, and his mother confirms this. The two members did not took it to court because Chepeti's dad did not let him.

On December 13, 2009 the two idiots were almost taken to court again for defacing public property. They painted the words "Anarchy's Daughters rule" on the side of a neighbor's car. He saw how a friend of Chepone broke the side window at a party, and called the police. They did not get busted that night, but the neighbor took pictures of them, while they were painting the vehicle. They had a deadline until New Year's eve to pay back 800 BGR to the rightful owner of the car. After the 800 leva were paid, the car should have now belonged to the band. But in early 2010 the neighbor gave it away for recycling. This has not yet been taken to court.

Young Chepone (Sasho) - Vocals/Sound Effects/lyrics/banana
MC Chepeti (Dani) - Vocals/Sound Effects/lyrics/mastrubation
Murray a.k.a The Testicle - Manager/Producer/All Other Useless Stuff


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