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There are three bands with such name:

1. From Russia, Moscow (Progressive Metal/Grunge)

2. From Sweden (Doom / Death Metal)

3. From Spain, Madrid (Death Metal/Grindcore)

Actually only russian Anaemia is active and soon release new album «Do The Revolution!». (new title)

Formerly from Moscow, Russia but belonging to both, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg alternative scenes of 2000s, The Anaemia is one of the only and by fact most well-known Russian independent rock bands in the world. While the band lives in Brighton, United Kingdom, they still reffer themselves to Saint-Petersburg/Moscow scene and claim the unity between Brighton and Saint-Petersburg. Usually described as grunge, post-grunge, alternative rock, alternative metal, progressive metal, post-metal and post-hardcore, The Anaemia has roots in so-called Seattle sound with primary influences from 90s Seattle rockers Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana & Pearl Jam, but use of heavy, dissonant, groovy riffage remind about another cult 90’s bands like Helmet, Life Of Agony, Kyuss, Quicksand, Silverchair and others. The band is marked as godfathers of Russian english-speaking grunge of 2000s by their fans. The Anaemia’s one of the first true grunge-revival bands in the world claiming to be one of the leaders in the new 90s-revival wave in 2010s.
The band was formed in year of 2003 and got it’s first performing line up in 2004. The band toured Europe after the release of their debut DIY-record «Violent Noises» (2006), releasing their independent breakthrough
record «Osiris» in 2008 on Apocalypse Now Music. This record was re-released in 2010 through major WMA and distributed worldwide.
«Osiris» caused cult following in European and USA independent scene and opened a new era of original music on Russian scene breaking the wall for all Russian English-speaking bands to go through. Besides that it caused the appearance of completely new independent scene in Russia - English-speaking bands without any wish to be signed by Russian major-labels or be involved in any Russian media-processes while they produce quality-records, play in status-venues, get good crowds, sing on English and get feedback from other countries.
The Anaemia is the only Russian independent alternative-rock band which has a worldwide distribution for both CDs and MP3s through local shops and giants like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, CD-Baby and others.
The band is currently located in Brighton, England. Their second major-release with the working title «Sell Suicide» will be released this year. They also host their own «Do The Revolution!» show on Brighton & Hove Community Radio (http://www.bhcr.org.uk) every Thursday at 13:00 on British timeline where they play selected Russian and wordlwide bands, form new international scene between Brighton and Saint-Petersburg concretely and Britain & Russia in general. It involves UK-based bands Universe, The Strong Loopy Lashes, From Beneath It Devours, The Black Neck Band Of Common Loon, Gorse, Arteriosus, Russia-based bands Psychea, Sakura, Wax Angel, The Last Tanks In Paris, Anticrisis Superstar 666 XXX Band, Uniquetunes, Half Dub Theory and others who are by fact involve each other in different side-projects and colloborations which mark the new international scene and their own significant sound that cause cult following in Russia now.


«September Demos» (Demo) (2005)
«Kernel» (Single) (2005)
«Dickhead Rehearsals» (EP) (2006)
«Violent Noises» (CD-Compilation) (2006)
«Osiris» (Full-Lenght) (2008)
«Do The Revolution!» (Full-Lenght) (TBA)


Official MySpace: www.myspace.com/theanaemia

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