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  • Avatar for ZersCancer
    The TFN version is much more emotional.
  • Avatar for necro_daemon
  • Avatar for dAziks
    Ending! \\m/
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I'm also intrigued by the ending: "Satanarchrist, the only way out!".
  • Avatar for Jekku666
    I started to think about the title of this song, and the shirt Mick made about it. My theory of what Dave is trying to convey here is that like Lucifer, Christ also was an anarchist, or a rebel of a kind. While Lucifer rebelled against Heaven, Christ did so in Earth, as he did not live by the rules of men, but by those of god. Their ways lead them both to pretty gritty ends, Lucifer being cast out and Jesus being crucified. I think the main point that Dave is trying to make is that Satan and Christ actually have something in common. That's just my theory of the meaning of the song anyway
  • Avatar for YeezusSuburbia
    The riff at the beginning is amazing.
  • Avatar for Luchiq
  • Avatar for CantnkrusBanshe
    Between this and my energy drinks I'm definitely not falling asleep anytime soon ;p
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    [url=]Ambient cover[/url]
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    The ultimate black metal track. [2]
  • Avatar for OOOOHHHH
  • Avatar for Paulius_AFC
    there aren't many things in this world that I love more than this track
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    Damn it, the ultimate black metal track.
  • Avatar for MetalParadise
    Epicness as it is. Like all Anaal Nathrakh stuff, no doubt!
  • Avatar for Jekku666
    THE eargasm, I might add. I love this song too fucken much and it's really hard to say which version I prefer: In the Constellation-version or the one on Total Fucking Necro. Both have their merits
  • Avatar for LaughningMan
    ear orgasm
  • Avatar for SiikTh
    that fucking riff
  • Avatar for purepoison55
    From 3:55 to about 4:20 is amazing
  • Avatar for CrazyDoc666
    cool stuff
  • Avatar for INROK
    I have no fucking clue why I always want to listen this at Summer time, but damn - Still loving this!!
  • Avatar for radiobrain94
    This kind of music 100% redeems all the shit metal in the world
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    some epic melodies
  • Avatar for sashaFierce666
  • Avatar for Sonusfruit
    Gotta love the classics :)
  • Avatar for trollmaiden
    this is my favorite kind of music
  • Avatar for joecubbie
  • Avatar for JanFrede
    Awesome song. I'm pretty much speechless after listening to this (2)
  • Avatar for Dracosavant
    Fave AN song.
  • Avatar for andrometal
    ottimo brano
  • Avatar for millward7799
    Both versions, fucking awesome. The endings, the calm before it, and the build up... So good!
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    ...On the new version
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    Riff at 3:38 that is
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    One of the best riffs EVAR
  • Avatar for wojen616
    eargasm [x2]
  • Avatar for Kebab_Holokaust
  • Avatar for Jekku666
    Awesome song. I'm pretty much speechless after listening to this
  • Avatar for fredmetal22
    this and necrogeddon are best an songs
  • Avatar for impronen
    You know, maybe guitar (or lute), harpsichord and violin.
  • Avatar for impronen
    Oh, how this just screams to be made in to a chamber folk version. Those chord progressions are just so subtle and evocative. Baroque! A shame that I can't play well enough to make one.
  • Avatar for groupthinker
    at 1:16 tight riff..
  • Avatar for derWitti
  • Avatar for craig-sansum
    People who complain about a remaster like this track got deserve to get punched in the throat. [3]
  • Avatar for SirBakedalot
  • Avatar for tek666
    that pre-hook drop freezes my blood
  • Avatar for NFXFSX
    \m/ This song fucking rocks. \m/
  • Avatar for mad1391
    cool song title!Epic song!
  • Avatar for rangsta-gapp
    "The original is superior. You can't even hear the bass in the new one." Well, uh, I can hear, is this normal?
  • Avatar for Ken_Oh
    Demo version is much better than the new album's interpretation. I've not heard the remastered demo version though.
  • Avatar for Element_Engine
    "People who complain about a remaster like this track got deserve to get punched in the throat." < this
  • Avatar for MarShara
    The re-recorded is goodish, but the orginal is still superior.


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