• Anaal Nathrakh @ Dürer, Budapest

    30 May 2011, 20:21 by hunazazel

    Wed 25 May – Anaal Nathrakh
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    Az Anaal Nathrakh regi kedvenc, es jellemzoen olyan zenekar, amit nem hittem volna, hogy valaha is sikerul idehaza koncerten latnom. Ugy latszik, egyre inkabb kozeledunk Europahoz... ;P Utolag persze arra gondolok, hogy naiv voltam: a szervezok reszerol ez a zenekar egy jo valasztas volt, hiszen a kozonseget tobb kulonbozo iranybol szedi ossze. Jonnek a grinderek, a blackerek, a hipszterek, meg ki tudja meg kicsoda, hiszen az AN mindegyiknek nyujt valamit. A kozonseg ehhez merten vegyes is volt, de ezuttal sokkal tobben voltunk, mint a multkori Nadja partin. Mondjuk a jelek nem feltetlen erre utaltak: amikor a CD Pinceben jegyet vettem, akkor korulbelul negyszer kellett elmondanom a zenekar nevet, aztan inkabb megmutattam nekik a listajukon. Ezek utan a kezembe adtak a jegyet, es elgondolkodtak…
  • Anaal Nathrakh - 7_II_2.010/2.259

    27 Apr 2010, 20:59 by nightside242

    A half-empty venue on a Sunday night and a truly awful support band fail to set the appropriate tone for the visit of Anaal Nathrakh to the Mancunian Republic, but then it is nigh-on impossible that any band on the planet could have set a respectable example for the boys from the other end of the M6 to follow. Such is the brute force of their performance that towards the end of the set you find yourself concerned for the structural integrity of the surrounding area, and the utter hostility and contempt spewed forth from this quintet on what is a Sabbath day would unsettle even the most ardent of atheists amongst the audience.

    Songs such as ‘Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes’ and opener ‘In the Constellation of the Black Widow’ are battered out towards an audience who are quite happy to misplace their excrement amidst the maelstrom, whilst the almighty ‘Do Not Speak’ is performed in a manner that resembled being assaulted with a toolbox.

  • The Worst Mashup Ever

    23 Jan 2008, 14:24 by Sardacas

    I am sorry world,

    Note that the video-id starts with "AW" and ends with "nog".
    AW, Pgknog.

    (yes, it's No Doubt's Don't Speak feat. Anaal Nathrakh's Do Not Speak)