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The specialized critics loved the debut album on Ana Laíns – Sentidos. Reviews in World Music (Spain), Songlines (UK) and Global Rhythm (USA) have paid tribute to the songs presented in Sentidos. Born in 1979, at Tomar – Portugal, Ana Laíns sings from early age. She first stepped on a stage aged 6. Soon after, she realizes that music is a very important part in her life. She lives all her childhood and teenage years in a very small village, near Constância. With 18 years old, Ana Laíns decides to move to Lisbon, the capital on Portugal, in order to pursuit her musical dream. This, at first sight, risky step soon pays of with the first conquests. During the first years of her career, Ana takes part as a singer in several projects, from jazz to bossa nova. Being a performer in these different styles, helped her to grow as an artist, and to lend a sui generis note to her path in Fado and traditional music. In 1996, Ana enters the first musical contests, and has been awarded several times, wining the 1999 Grande Noite do Fado. This special prize is also a revelation: according to Ana Laíns, is in Fado that she has found the best way to express and share her feelings with the audience. Later on, a tour by several countries follows. At age of 22, Ana has already performed in stages in France, USA, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The first recording experiences took place six years ago, for “Songs about Lisbon”, just before the invitation to be part of Difference’s compilation “Divas do Fado Novo”. In 2005, Ana is featured at “Amália revisted”, a compilation where she gives “Povo que lavas no rio” a modern touch. “Sentidos”, the first album, is released in 2006, through the label Different World, and is also the debut of Diogo Clemente as a producer. At the studio, Ana had the precious collaboration of Diogo Clemente at the acoustic guitar (credited not only for the production, but also for the musical direction and arrangements), Fernando Araújo at bass guitar, Bernardo Couto at Portuguese guitar, Vicky at percussion, Ricardo Mota at cello and Ruben Alves at accordion, piano and melodica. “Sentidos” is a record full of true songs. A contemporary approach to Fado, where we can find more introspective themes with simple lullaby melodies, that take us back to our childhood imaginary. On the other side, we can find Fado references, on it’s most classical shape, as well as Portuguese traditional music influences. Ana Laíns lyricist choice was upon some of her side bed table companions, such as Florbela Espanca, Lídia Oliveira, António Ramos Rosa, among others. “Pouco tempo”, the first video and single from “Sentidos” was already requested for compilations. It’s featured at “Novo Fado” (worldwide distribution) and “Colors” (Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan Territory and Ukraine). Ana has presented “Sentidos”, the live show, in Greece, Portugal and Spain. Russia is already booked for November. Other countries are to be followed.

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