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  • Avatar for confetti__
    She just keeps getting better <3
  • Avatar for Fajterica
    stunned that something like hadestown exists.
  • Avatar for Gainsboer
    im in love
  • Avatar for bendingtree
    new record "xoa" coming this fall ... plus a solo tour!
  • Avatar for acid_porno
    hadestown is probably the best album of the past 10 years
  • Avatar for surajsharma
    HADESTOWN is a work of true genius.[2] heard it yesterday for the first time and was blown away!
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    so fuckin underappreciated
  • Avatar for raincium
    Amen to the post below. Hadestown is a masterpiece! Anaïs Mitchell is such a brilliant artist. ♥
  • Avatar for PeterAxeShields
    HADESTOWN is a work of true genius. Anais is one of my all time favourite artists.
  • Avatar for selenacol
    I absolutely love her.
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    So perfect <3
  • Avatar for latenightbus
    She's done 2 masterpeices in a row. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Avatar for peburgess
    Young Man in America is one of my 12 albums of '12:
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    Seen her live twice and both performances were phenomenal. The first time I saw her, she opened for Ani DiFranco and gave a stripped-down performance with just her acoustic guitar. It was so heartfelt and I fell in love with her music immediately. On her tour with Bon Iver, she had a full band and it was cool to hear her new songs come alive on stage. She is severely underrated and overlooked.
  • Avatar for luke_suspicious
    Her lyrics seem to be still as solid and intriguingly beautiful as ever, but I think I'm mostly drawn to her early albums because of her singing style back then. She sounded way less Joanna Newsom-ey, maybe her more childlike affected way of singing since The Brightness was conscious, maybe not. Either way, though it wasn't a bad change at all (some newer songs probably wouldn't work as well as they do if recorded 8 years ago), I usually find her old voice more appealing.
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    I got to meet her when I saw her open for Bon Iver. She is so sweet and so humble. I'll never forget the night I got to meet her.
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    She is brilliant. Her tour with Bon Iver will get her more publicity, I'm sure.
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    Sublime set at the Ottawa Folk Festival. She's won me over!
  • Avatar for Yuri_Addict
    I saw her live today she was exceptional!
  • Avatar for TJLinden
    Young Man in America is really growing on me, but Hadestown remains unbeatable. I keep on discovering new things in that album. :)
  • Avatar for JLFF
    young man in america now on spotify us woohoo
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    Hadestown it's an amazing album!...I could say that could be named as the Pink Floyd's The Wall of Indie-Folk
  • Avatar for casablanca
    Listen together with others to new indie folk and indie pop artists and tunes in the "New Indie Folk" Soundrop room on Spotify -
  • Avatar for nickchapman83
    Does anyone know of any plans to release Young Man in America on LP?
  • Avatar for Quozza
    The only reason I can see that Anais hasn't been a huge success commercially is the overtly political edge to her lyrics. Voice to die for... the "real deal" so far as authenticity and creativity are concerned (take your fake Del Rey and shove it!). Hadestown is an extaordinary and exceptional album... She'll have her day. Her own version of "Why We Build" on Youtube is genius... - but then so is "Wedding Song" "Young man..." and "Shenandoah" (...OK rant over - I'll go back to listening the Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul) ...
  • Avatar for Kelvindv
    Hadestown is great.
  • Avatar for superfly299
    She's an amazing songwriter but I don't really care for her vocals. They remind me of Duffy who I can't stand. She falls in that category of artists for me where I can appreciate her music but I don't truly love it for one aspect or another.
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    "Young Man In America" Is absolutely flawless! Her music so unique and beautiful, I just can't get enough, Such a beautiful voice.
  • Avatar for blutos
    hahahah sure she has a distinctive voice, but it's hardly Victoria Williams!
  • Avatar for Morthill
    Her voice takes a bit getting used to, but the lyrics and music make that totally worth it. Really enjoying Young Man in America now.
  • Avatar for god_of_monkeys
    I heard she had a new album and thought it would be hard to follow Hadestown, but she nailed. The new record is pretty great.
  • Avatar for sarahlloyd83
    Damn it, tour promoters, get a map of Britain, notice that big thing in the middle called Birmingham and book some bloody Midlands gigs!
  • Avatar for elliesaysmeow
    Happy birthday Anaïs!
  • Avatar for jmanzo2009
    Young Man In America is tied right now with Bloom for AOTY for me. We'll see how the new Knife album shakes things up.
  • Avatar for marybeth-damico
    Her own album doesn't have the dot over the i in Anais anymore...more confusion.
  • Avatar for marybeth-damico
    This is the most interesting album I've heard in quite a while.
  • Avatar for onegumas
    For me "Hadestown" is better.
  • Avatar for marybeth-damico
  • Avatar for Drwillynickle
    Really, don't you guys prefer Hadestown?
  • Avatar for geon104
    holy hell the new album is amazing.
  • Avatar for bitchimspecial
    So in love with her, my God.
  • Avatar for shadrach_451
    Young Man in America is fantastic.
  • Avatar for toddc2001
    Check out our interview with Anais here:
  • Avatar for HedonisticMe
    Young Man in America... holy shit. Blow in like a hurricane, everyone will know my name.
  • Avatar for unrealitiesxi
    Becoming one of my all time favourite artists...
  • Avatar for BERSERKERpoetry
    Totally disagree as well. It's her most personal, human, alive and scintillating album since "Hymns For the Exiled". I didn't even care for "Hadestown". I want her voice and her emotions. A group effort that sounds more like a stage musical than a folk recording has very little to do with that. This is a great direction she's heading in with "Young Man in America".
  • Avatar for WelshLewy
    I couldn't disagree more with that review
  • Avatar for Drwillynickle
    Do you guys agree with this review of the new album?
  • Avatar for theboredone
    New album is on Spotify! I had no idea how I missed out on the fact she was releasing new material for so long but since I found out 2 weeks ago it quickly become my most anticipated!
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    really liking her new album


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