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  1. Wolfsschrei are a German black metal band, formed in Exdorf, Thuringia in 2004. They have released a number of splits and EPs, as well as two full…

  2. Lost Life is a black metal band from Bayern, Germany. The only member is Nephesus, who is the songwriter, vocalist and plays all instruments.…

  3. Raw black metal band from Germany
    - 2006 - Golgotha
    - 2007 - Aeon of rust

    Official site:

  4. In the year 2004, short time after the warriors of GEWEIH had split up, the time had come for a new formation to rise from the mist, called…

  5. They are at least 3 bands with the name Graven:

    1-Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2000 - Of misanthropic Spirit (demo)
    - 2001 -…

  6. Black metal band from Germany (Sachsen). One-man project of Dorn (also member of Nebelwald).
    - 2006 - Hopeless (demo)
    - 2007 -…

  7. Black metal band from Germany
    - 2003 - Vom Zerfall der Seelengemäuer (demo)
    - 2003 - Erschaffen aus des Feuers Gier (demo)

  8. Har Shatan, a one-man-project of Zepar is a German black metal band formed in 2002 in Neef, Rhineland-Palatinate. They have released two demo…

  9. Thorngoth is a Black Metal band from Germany. The band was founded in may 2003 by Sorath, Grond, Corpse & Akhorahil. Vulgrim joined Thorngoth in…

  10. German Black Metal band Nazarene Decomposing was founded by 'Sanguinarius' (Guitars) and St. Napalm (Bass) in Passau, Bavaria in 2004.

  11. Black metal band from Germany (Eberswalde, Brandenburg) formed in 1996.

    - 1996 - After the final armageddon (demo)
    - 1999 - After…

  12. Solo-project of Runenblut's Pestilence.

  13. Black metal band from Germany (Kassel)
    - 2001 - Ewiges Reich
    - 2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita/Ewiges Reich (split with Jerusolima Est…

  14. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2005 - Inferno
    - 2005 - Von Blutes Stimme gereinigt / Sturm in die Anderswelt (split with Krater)

  15. There are 2 bands who go by the name Wolfthorn.
    1. German Black Metal
    2. UK Black Metal

    Wolfthorn was founded by Thurlokh ( bass, vocals and…

  16. Total hate performs raw, hateful and satanic black metal in the traditional way of the early 90´s in Germany (Nuremberg, Bavaria) , WITHOUT ANY…

  17. Necrofrost was formed in 1995 in Germany.

    Their current lineup:
    Fimbulraven - Guitars & Space Signals
    Seirim - Vector Echoes & Drums

    They have…

  18. Runenblut is a "German Heathen Black Metal" formation from Bavaria which members are Morgoth (instruments, songwriting, recording) and Fjalar…

  19. Genre
    Raw Black Metal

    Lyrical theme
    Pest, satanism, solitude


    Formed in - Current label
    2005 Heidens Hart …


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