• The Ultimate List Series: Ultimate Thrash Metal Index

    19 Sep 2010, 18:01 by TheArtistBox


    Welcome to the Ultimate Series, starting off with the Ultimate Thrash List
    ! This will be a series that will never be completed in the normal sense of the word but will hopefully give you an incite of artists within the selected genre.

    The lists will update every once in awhile, I will try update them every month and I will tell you beneath this introduction when that next update will be. The list will have ratings, descriptions and extra links for all artists on the list.

    The next update will be on the 17th of October 2010


    [1] Added reviews for most of A artists.
    [2] Created new set out
    [3] Made journal an Index

    Index of All Journals of Thrash Metal

    Click on the ‘Artist Profile’ Link to be directed to the reviews, description and other features that tell you exactly what we think.

    Live links = Blue

    For General:
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  • Metal Massacre Playlist from September 5, 2007

    5 Sep 2007, 14:46 by blackearth

    Nile - What May Safely Be Written
    Nuclear Simphony - Lustful for Disaster
    Sapremia - Cold War
    Warbringer - Total War
    Demolisher - Enter the Suffering
    Candlemass - Emperor of the Void
    Lazarus - Damnation for the Weak
    Exterminance - When All Has Ceased...
    Manowar - King of Kings
    Arch Enemy - Diva Satanica (by request)
    Obituary - Face Your God
    Napalm Death - From Enslavement to Obliteration (by request)
    Morgoth - Unreal Imagination (by request)
    Kreator - Reconquering the Throne (by request)
    Grind Minded - Beyond Recognition
    Estuary - Frailty in Numbers
    Avenger of Blood - Scent of Death (by request)
    Skitzo - Curse of the Phoenix (by request)
    Pungent Stench - Shrunken and Mummified Bitch
    Finntroll - Sang
    Amulance - Witch's Sin
    Akercocke - Footsteps Resound in an Empty Chapel
    Dew-Scented - Vanish Away
    Necrodemon - Terror in the Arctic
    Kamelot - Ghost Opera
    The Sword - Iron Swan
    Sacred Reich - Victim of Demise (by request)