• Tuska Open Air

    5 Jul 2006, 14:08 by dcmbr

    Tuska is in Helsinki, which is about 500km from where I live. But actually I went there trough Oulu, so that adds about 100km more tot the trip. I went there with my boyfriend and a friend. Normally I've taken a train to get there, but this year we decided to drive there. Well, actually, I drove the whole way.

    We left on thursday morning and arrived thursday evening at Rastila Camping (where about everyone stays during Tuska). We set up our tent and headed for this beach. I decided to wear my pretty gothboots. So stupid! Those shoes killed my legs and toes.

    Next morning I tried cleaning all the blisters in my feet and putting bandages and everything on them, but it did't really work. Friday was ruined. I couldn't really stand up or walk straight even tough I wore different shoes.

    So I sat during all the gigs on friday, except The Sisters of Mercy.
    First was Anathema. Good music, I really should listen to it more.
    Next was Deathstars, a great gig. …