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  • Avatar for Fooshikins
    I don't know why I love all of his stuff. It's weird, but it's like magic.
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    Why did I wait so long to check this out?
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    Saw the ISAM show live a while ago, would definitely go again if he came around. One of the best I've seen.
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  • Avatar for IamChaoz
    Especially ISAM
  • Avatar for IamChaoz
    Most of his music I can't even listen to because it gives me some serious nightmares. This music just makes me feel so deranged.
  • Avatar for newyearsprayer
    his albums contain the freshest ingredients. so good.
  • Avatar for cybrauralninjuh
    chaos theory and supermodified.
  • Avatar for m1a100
    I love his newest albums, which are more original sound-designing focused, especially "Foley Room" (which, for me, it's his best album to date). But I'll always go back to his jungle/drill and bass classic stuff, especially "Bricolage".
  • Avatar for businessera
    Very strange.
  • Avatar for Psho7
    Joł, AD 2014 it is good time for new album. New one could be like Foley Room, not like ISAM.
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    "I'm hoping someone on here can provide me with an answer. Was Amon Tobin the first person to use the style of vocal chopping in 'Verbal'?" few months, maybe a few years late.. but the first person i can think of doing it is Prefuse 73 on Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives
  • Avatar for PurpleLemonn
    thx for concert in Moscow! Awesome
  • Avatar for kiss_of_darknes
    the concert in Saint-P was really great! he was smiling a lot, dancing, talking with people and giving free hugs afterwards ^^ he is a really good man!not talking about the music because it's obvious)
  • Avatar for marianeq
    This guy is fantastic!
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    glitch designer
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  • Avatar for Mutanteakordeon
    Wow, this is brilliant, i really fell in love with Permutation.
  • Avatar for delta-s
    I want new album[3]
  • Avatar for Unkn0wnumb3rs
    the more I listen to his music the more I love him
  • Avatar for Jimmy__Woodser
    I want new album[2]
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    [url=]new image[/url]
  • Avatar for WhiteStripe-
    [url=]new image[/url]
  • Avatar for shephard_advis
    The new classics
  • Avatar for jvfurek
    Ever since I discovered this guy I've been addicted!
  • Avatar for haroldo1121
    I'm hoping someone on here can provide me with an answer. Was Amon Tobin the first person to use the style of vocal chopping in 'Verbal'?
  • Avatar for Occulta66
    "Slowly" and "Easy Muffin" are awesome!
  • Avatar for Tahula
    Synthesizer fans & lovers & addicts are all welcomed!
  • Avatar for Bongaholica
    beyond god
  • Avatar for barbasiaP
    @I0000days they would be a bunch of shitheads if they didn't
  • Avatar for arsendis
    I want new album
  • Avatar for Unknoun7
    Slowly is so jazzy and so beautiful.
  • Avatar for conornewac
    amon tobin live...holy fuck
  • Avatar for I0000days
    I didn't know Pitchfork gave Bricolage a perfect 10 score until a few days ago, wow...
  • Avatar for duffbeer4eva
    i know nothing
  • Avatar for brennaneden
    Can't stop listening..
  • Avatar for infecteDlamingo
    better than god
  • Avatar for Vice3
    cannot find 'Freebie Creatures' anywhere! :( any help would be much appreciated! ^^
  • Avatar for DrumZter
    ICorvinI, it looks like you need to check out the "Into The Dark Intermission".
  • Avatar for ICorvinI
    Which Tobin record is the most ambient-ish one?
  • Avatar for Hann_with_Gun
    Listen Ninja Tune from the Black Sea
  • Avatar for rbw_frame
    This guy is a sound Charizard - from album to album - new evolution forms: Charmander and Charmeleon... ISAM CHARMELEON!
  • Avatar for Ue6ermensch
    This guy has a gizzard
  • Avatar for conornewac
    This guy is a blizzard
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    This guy is Eddie Izzard
  • Avatar for rbw_frame
    This guy is a lizard


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