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Twilight of the Thunder God
Amon Amarth

Twilight of the Thunder God


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  • Guardians is the only shit song. If it wasnt on this album id give it a 9 - 10/10
  • so far their best record. nostalgic
  • Not their best... But good [3]
  • rating 8.5/10
  • yes their best!
  • Magnum Opus.
  • Every song is great, surprisingly I like "Guardians..." the least... Title one and "the Hero" are the greatest, could listen to them all the time.
  • Epic album! Every single song on it is fucking masterpiece!
  • Probably their best
  • Not their best... But good [2]
  • Not their best... But good
  • "great album but yeah, a little overrated." Ratings and opinions by people are overrated and thus in my eyes, people are overrated. Music taste is such a diverse and personal thing anyway, two people can like the same album just as much, but while the other might say "this song is the worst on the album", the other person might say "Its my favorite". Not liking something because other people like it and rate it highly for personal reasons/preference, is really just pointless and stupid. I do NOT care about Rock/Sludge/Stoner/Grindcore genres for example, so i do NOT rate it, i do NOT listen to it and i most certainly DO NOT care to call the other persons masterpiece "overrated". A high rating is only an invitation to me to check something out, the only rating that matters to me (MINE!) comes after i have listened to it, end of story.
  • Never gets old
  • rooooooarrrr..... \m/
  • uno de sus mejores trabajos!
  • I stil can't get into Free Will Sacrifice, The Hero, Where is Your God Now? or No Fear For the Setting Sun. They're certainly listenable, but they don't really do much apart from make me want to get to the next track. Maybe it's because songs like Varyags of Miklagaard, Live for the Kill and Embrace of the Endless Ocean are just really fucking good.
  • Transcendental and very well polish.
  • GOOD ALBUM \m/
  • I listen this album every time when I play Chivalry Medieval Warfare xD
  • The best album of Amon Amarth! Epic!
  • great album but yeah, a little overrated [3]
  • Other than Twilight of the Thunder God, I actually feel the latter half of this album is far stronger.
  • Great album, the one that introduced me to death metal.
  • I`m gonna blow!!!
  • their best album [2]
  • great album but yeah, a little overrated. [2]
  • great album but yeah, a little overrated.
  • The best work I guess.
  • Epic. I'm going through all their albums and I don't think the others will impress me more than this masterpiece.
  • The album is not that bad, even if people might say that. It's actually pretty good!
  • Eine Band und ihr Album werden zu Legenden.The Best Death-Metal Album of the World!!!!!!
  • OMG! This album is fucking awesome...
  • Their best
  • for some time I thought that this album (as unfortunately nearly every other AA) have many fillers: "The Hero", "No Fear for the Setting Sun", "Free Will Sacrifice"... but now they all grew on me. I still consider it their best album, even if the others are very strong too (the newest is probably the wekeast IMHO).
  • Muito foda.
  • Epic Album !!
  • Please take a look at my shout here from MAy 2011, it says everything!
  • **** *** ***, this is amazing album!
  • The Best...
  • Lovely piece of work.
  • 5 / 5
  • There's nothing missing in this album, a very masterpiece.
  • So great!
  • DEL PUTAS ----------------------- DEL PUTISSIMAS------------------------UN TRABAJASO EPICO ESO ES WHERE IS YOUR GOD
  • I think already pointed that :D -> Everything about this album is 100% epic win, cover, lyrics, guitars, bass, drums, vocals... everything!
  • It isn't only amazing, it's the best.
  • Amazing album


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