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  • Fantastic new album. Come to Norway again! Take Sigur Rós with you! :)
  • The new album is amazing, the live show is even better.
  • pics of the album cover:
  • one's missing a R
  • what's the difference between rugla and ugla?
  • sweet music. very yanns tiersen like
  • Yay! The album is out. *listens*
  • AmIIna sounds perfect!!
  • I disagree. I think their music is quite different in some respects. It seems smaller. That is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It is just a thing. I love Amiina.
  • It's cool, it's pretty much just the more quiet, orchestral, sweet sounding part of sigur ros without jonsi's vocals, though. (can be taken as either good or bad)
  • thier debut album is called 'KURR'! out in March!
  • Amiina make the most beautiful music I've ever heard.. I'm totally addicted.. every live mp3 and video I can find.. ahh.. so so nice
  • Anyone else prefer their music to sigur ros? I find it far superior, even with their limited releases, they are still far nicer than anything sigur ros have done............ AHA - Monkie 'i liked them much more than Sigur Rós. lookin forward to hear more.' I have to agree, there is really no competition.
  • Aminamina and Seoul are amazing, but i really want to see a full lenth LP sometime soon please???!
  • seoul ep is quite a beauty. i am thrilled that that amiina titled album with seoul, the place where i am from.
  • lexiphanic: thank you!!! does anyone knows where I can get Ugla and Kolapot!? The more I lissen to them, the more I love them. Their sound is so... perfect.
  • Live recording of new track, Bago, available from Enjoy!
  • Any fans of Amiina, join the Amiina group!
  • congradulations on your release of new ep. look forward to hearing a new music album in big size
  • The new Seoul CD is awsome.
  • new single for american / canadian ppl:
  • here is the link:
  • You can buy the single at the Sigur Rós online shop...
  • calleg, thx for the link...
  • [url][/url]
  • Awesome
  • i liked them much more than Sigur Rós. lookin forward to hear more.
  • brilliant !
  • Saw them tonight they rocked!!
  • How could I have possibly written Uppsala?! x-D I meant Dalhalla, of course. :-]
  • Just saw these wonderful artists when they supported Sigur Rós in Dalhalla. One of the most wonderful performances I've ever seen/heard.
  • I just saw them perform live with Sigur Rós (Uppsala in Sweden). They are amazing!
  • i love them! they're amazingly great! i have a perfomance i don't know in which tv channel but it's simply great! how's that stuff about one of band missing? i want them to make music for a loooong time!!! and why is their name like thaaat i'll read everything...there's a group about amiina which i can join?
  • why is Maria missing from the band members?
  • you never know how beautiful and expressive their songs are untill you hear it. I didn't know they changed their name to Amiina. Which is great. Last I heard they were changing it to Amilina - which I didn't like...
  • Yes.
  • Have they officially changed their name to Amiina?
  • Have they officially changed their name to Amiina?


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