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AMI SARAIYA: www.amisaraiya.com

I can never decide if Ami Saraiya’s songs are sad or not. If so, it’s a living sadness, vibrant, flushed with heart-stuff and anger and hopefulness. Produced and arranged primarily by Mark Messing of Maestro Matic Productions/Mucca Pazza as well as Ethan Stoller, Matt Martin, and Ehsan Goreishi, Archaeologist is a collection of half heard stories, ghost myths, and magical realism. The songs hang on a delicate thread wove through scratch-jazz, Americana, trip-hop, eastern Indian modalities, and chamber pop. When Ami Saraiya whispers over Messing’s gorgeous string arrangments it is a haunting loveliness. When she chokes and howls over a frantic Gray backbeat it is perfect fury.

Saraiya is a native to the Chicago music scene. Formerly lead the vocalist/writer of Radiant Darling and also swamp funk band Pelvic Delta, she has toured regionally and performed throughout the city playing the Metro, Fitzgerald’s, the Empty Bottle, Hideout, Martyrs’, the Subterranean, the Beat Kitchen, and more.

The current line up includes Marc Piane on bass, Ben Gray on percussion with Ami on accordion and guitar.

Ami Saraiya’s full length album Archaeologist releases September 5th, 2009 and features the lush artwork of Nathan Poetzscher and guest appearances by Greg Hirte and Jim Becker on violin, Sam johnson on trumpet, Ehsan Goreishi on Accordion, Robert Pleshar on tuba, Mike Racky on Pedal Steel, Ryan Boyles and Jason Thomas on guitar. It is a remarkable document of submerged memories of events forgotten, of country lullabies and circus organs, elephants and bird calls, furiousness and remorse.

"Ami Saraiya of Radiant Darling has one of those voices that gives you a bit of pause when you first hear it because it seems that so few vocalists truly have that special something that can turn heads on their own….a unique and outstanding singer" - Almost Cool

"Ami Saraiya has a torch singer quality reminiscent of both Billie Holliday (in sound and attitude) and Nico (attitude only); and the music is mostly rickety, ethereal, Old World and acoustic……..Saraiya’s voice really does grab the imagination." 75orless.com

"Ami Saraiya has a lusciously novel voice that twists and turns and takes you from old jazz 78s to pop to a kind of glossolalia often within one phrase. Her mercurial stage presence is spellbinding - you don't know if the she is singing the song, or if the song is singing her." Preston Klik, Divanation

"Ami Saraiya… has turned from her earlier group's swampy funk toward a much more enigmatic and hard to pin down sound, which is alternately sultry and alluring and heartbreakingly sad " - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Suntimes

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