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Faux Semblants (4:21)


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  • I wish I'd enjoy more of their songs as much as this, I love the jangly guitar and her vocals
  • Pretty, it is my inspiration.
  • why people still trying to tag some bands? Amesoeurs dont need tags. Amesoeurs is amesoeurs
  • That combination of Neige, Fursy and Audrey Sylvain really had such amazing potential... such a shame they broke up!
  • This song makes me wish Amesoeurs were still together
  • i mean it is true that the genre shit is pretty fucking ridiculous. i mean post rock, right, post metal, what the actual fucking fuck? and black metal- aint no black metal in this song. This song is fucking epic though ive listened to it like fucking 15 times today.
  • Can we just stop complaining about the genres, and realize how cute this song is?
  • post-rock? black metal? Are you kidding me?
  • There is actually some metal in here, whether it's black metal or post-metal, whatever, I hear some metal in here.
  • Post punk/Shoegaze
  • what genre is this? post-punk? what cure album sounds like this?
  • This song brings me the summer [2] - wish myself back to Paris everytime I hear this.
  • 2:38 - 4:21, oh my [2] Neige has a real knack for writing truly beautiful melodies. That outro is especially gorgeous.
  • This is a great tune. :)
  • This song brings me the summer (don't ask), so cvte <3
  • My fav song from the album too, love it! So sad the band split up after debut full-length... =(
  • My fav song from the album. Nice vocals
  • oh my god,what a amazing voice.
  • Солистка поет как сирена =0, прекрасный голос/ The soloist sings like a siren = 0, a beautiful voice
  • tag post-rock made me laugh [2]
  • tag post-rock made me laugh
  • Post-rock? Nope. This is a good song though, very reminiscent of The Cure.
  • such a nice track
  • Audrey!!
  • Best song off the album. ALMOST best song overall.
  • 2:38 - 4:21, oh my..
  • the BM songs are cool too but i really wish there was an entire album of nothing but songs like this
  • really catchy song!
  • Not bad but... hum. Not bad.
  • Great song. This is exactly what I wanted to hear on this album.
  • one of my absolute favourites on this album. incredible.
  • really ? Well, it's my least favourite. Still good, but... I don't know.
  • The best song on the new album.
  • amazing
  • Incredible, perfect, beautiful....
  • First shout! Great song

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