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1.American Waste started in the summer of 2005 as Alex and Erik playing covers in their friends garage. They got a bassist (Mike), Glen got recording equipment and they recorded 5 songs. Mike soon quit they got Lucas from DIF and began playing backyard shows. With this line up they recorded a CD demo (Mainstream Society) that fell through, had plans for a 7" split that was aborted after the person pressing them saw AW live and decided they sucked too bad and had recorded a messed up sesion that was intended for a 7". After that Alex quit and AW fell apart. American Waste lasted from the fall of 2005 to February of 2007 playing a half dozen shows.

2.American Waste was 4 piece punk/thrash outfit from Redding, CA. Formed January 2003. Broke up sometime in 2005.

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