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  • Avatar for der7leo
    love them so much!
  • Avatar for DrMopinker
    but the egrets (are killing me)
  • Avatar for LeGoudron
    This band is pure depression.
  • Avatar for anunaiaves
    amo mt
  • Avatar for Frelse
    This band is pure depression.
  • Avatar for DarkSide_Star
  • Avatar for Mufiz
    vvThis meme has to stop
  • Avatar for guipotter4
    so physical
  • Avatar for BitchesLoveHoss
    Growing up I always loved American Football, but I've found myself preferring Taking Back Sunday in my adult years.
  • Avatar for ricardocrvg
    é o álbum perfeito
  • Avatar for anunaiaves
    Estou satisfeito só com o self-titled, mas ainda sonho com um novo trabalho deles. [2]
  • Avatar for lebital
    Best emo album ever. (Sunny Day Real Estate and/or The Get Up Kids might be the best emo bands ever)
  • Avatar for gyrobius
    thanks for signing the painting, guys
  • Avatar for Christian420
    Saw them last night in SF, can finally die happy.
  • Avatar for THEminority_
    I'd die to have the opportunity to see them live!
  • Avatar for juniruu
    Estou satisfeito só com o self-titled, mas ainda sonho com um novo trabalho deles.
  • Avatar for defecating
    saw them last night in seattle. was in constant disbelief that it was actually happening. i can die happy now.
  • Avatar for kitchen_knife
    приторный - пожалуй самый подходящий эпитет
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    Не могу их долго слушать, почему-то сразу вгоняют в депрессию и апатию. По сабжу: музыка и вокал просто неописуемо красивы.
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    God, seldom am I moved so much by pretty, methodical guitar work. American Football's instrumentation is the best thing about them and certainly the most rigidly structured aspect of the band. The true beauty of their LP is in its liquid lush. It feels loose, it behaves freely in spite of its math rock-esque musicianship. Whereas most emo groups that focus so much on composition SOUND like they're actively focusing on crafting, operating, and maintaining unique soundscapes, American Football's LP is strikingly organic and absolutely compelling. There are many reasons why it's the best emo album ever recorded and that's just one of them. The LP is fascinating, melodically rich, and achingly pretty.
  • Avatar for gusshi
    notice me kinsella senpai
  • Avatar for anunaiaves
    bom pra ouvir quando dá umas 2 ou 3 da manhã, aí você começa a pensar no significado da vida e bate aquele feels desgraçado, porém bom ao mesmo tempo (?). quando chega nas duas últimas músicas, você chora.
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    File under "bands I'll never see live because who needs to pay that much money for a ticket, but also I sort of enjoy so it's ok to be a casual fan"
  • Avatar for Dan_Sucks
    every song on here is a ripoff of i miss you by blink-182
  • Avatar for wartrez
    the feels
  • Avatar for odeiotudovcs
  • Avatar for nicholasfaul
    Hey guys. If you like shitty small emo bands from places you've never heard of; none come any smaller than my mate and I from Bossley Park, Australia. We wrote an emo album called I'm In The Fetal Position Telling Myself Everything Is Going To Be Okay. It'd be insanely cool if you;d check it out. :) :)
  • Avatar for JoaoPauloMacena
    this is so good [3]
  • Avatar for arbrathe
    If you like American Football but also angsty hxc yelling, my label just put out a 2 song ep by a band called Toy Maker you just might enjoy. Free download!
  • Avatar for Eric_Later
    that's life, so social.
  • Avatar for s1lverfuck
    if you've never cried to at least one song in this album, you're not a trve emo
  • Avatar for lockNload
    y'all so sensitive
  • Avatar for InKursion
    everything about their one self-titled release suggests a band in a sort of grace. one of the most perfect and self contained releases i've heard, it hasn't aged at all. everything on it is just so right, including the mastering and recording.
  • Avatar for cokeboy2
    So good at Reading. Such a shame there wasn't much of a crowd, seemed like they were lost on the festival. For the bunch near me belting out all the lyrics, you lot made the atmosphere.
  • Avatar for Padocore
    It still hurts after all this time...
  • Avatar for guipotter4
    uh la la
  • Avatar for KaitoJun
    itali ancalcio mamma mia pizzeria
  • Avatar for richlesbian
    reminds me of summer nights with my friends when i was a young teenager
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    Never Meant is a beaut
  • Avatar for humzaashraf
  • Avatar for Dusk2099
  • Avatar for vKangaru
  • Avatar for Cezrulez
    Anfootbal - Americ
  • Avatar for hortron
    Caught these guys in London last week; that night was emotional, to say the least.
  • Avatar for QOQOQOQ
    americ anfootball
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Just Great
  • Avatar for brandinoZ
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar for Viih_Copernik
    playing @ Denver in April................................ I'll be there only in May................................. fml
  • Avatar for JohnKinggg
    @KevinVilliage, there are definitely similarities between AF's music and Math Rock, but, unsurprisingly American Football's influence has brought twinkly guitars to a lot of modern day emo.


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