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  • Avatar for Partisane
    Last night was incredible. Best show I've seen in all my life.
  • Avatar for deboor010
    Seen them 2 times at festivals ohw i would like to see them play in a small venue
  • Avatar for ARK_AGE
    Yes, this Tool's cover was such amazing. I want a live album of this concert
  • Avatar for SorenAlexShuya
    + they played an awesome cover of Tool's Parabola, out of this world!
  • Avatar for SorenAlexShuya
    Amenra playing an acoustic show was one the best live I've seen, I with they would do more of them
  • Avatar for Festrada1987
    all the great bands make reference to Neurosis.
  • Avatar for Sexdictator_69
    why post-hardcore?
  • Avatar for McMarl
    удачи да дачи
  • Avatar for kingofmathrock
    best sludge band that I have ever heard
  • Avatar for Neverminddddd
    mass I всё же самый лучший
  • Avatar for DesertRoaming
  • Avatar for tudor_ionel666
    May i join the church of Ra?
  • Avatar for nu_privet
    просто пушка, слов нет
  • Avatar for sabrage
  • Avatar for ThalesLindberg
    Definitely the best sludge that i've ever heard!
  • Avatar for Calion-
    Interview with Colin:
  • Avatar for JackChuter
    New interview with Amenra on ATTN:
  • Avatar for peibol_82
    Me too!
  • Avatar for rmk-
    So glad it's on iTunes now
  • Avatar for sansdasjupiten
    Me. I am the new member of the Church of Ra.
  • Avatar for farewellmona
    what she said
  • Avatar for dalajlati
    The best band today at Beyond the Redshift!
  • Avatar for andy_erin
  • Avatar for peibol_82
    The Church of Ra has a new member.
  • Avatar for Asphyz
    Absolutely phenomenal at Temples yesterday.
  • Avatar for bolt1987
  • Avatar for laveyne
    Best live band in the world.
  • Avatar for Monotonvs
    this is real art.
  • Avatar for _mrko
  • Avatar for teiws chek and download:
  • Avatar for SorenAlexShuya
    Got my ticket for the Afterlife acoustic show in September, so stocked.
  • Avatar for brain-murder
  • Avatar for temptationisyou
    Darker than the darkness itself [3]
  • Avatar for MoDesT-
  • Avatar for nataliebadass
  • Avatar for Chaosophile
    Darker than the darkness itself [2]
  • Avatar for f3rran_smi7h
    Darker than the darkness itself
  • Avatar for jmedran
    sound like it. she's also on aorte-Ritual
  • Avatar for brootinho
    Oathbreaker's chick sings on Mass I, right?
  • Avatar for andy_erin
    love this band so much
  • Avatar for omaCore
    v post-hardcore ≠ post-hardcore.
  • Avatar for RedG18
    Post-hardcore? lol
  • Avatar for Kilgorer
    postblackened dronecore
  • Avatar for GothicBowie666
    Tonight @trix antwerpen, deuren - 19u30 SPOOKHUISJE - 20u15 - 20u55 AMENRA - 21u15 - …… read the dutch review
  • Avatar for fuckingrati
    Great band, I've just found them and I can't stop listening them
  • Avatar for omaCore
    Mass V and III are overwhelming good. still the best band around. [2] Same here
  • Avatar for RobinHarder
    Mass V and III are overwhelming good. still the best band around.
  • Avatar for OneLifeHC
    apocalyptic soundtrack
  • Avatar for ricardomontecar
    These guys doubt
  • Avatar for OmenEstNomen
    Mass IIII is surprisingly good. I m hooked.


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