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Ambient Anarchist is an experimenting electro-acoustic band from Bulgaria. Their music ranges from electronic punk through jazz to ambient sound scapes.

In 1999 three musicians initiated a project called ACID MILK. The first and only appearance of that band was at a festival for poetry and electronic music in the beginning of 2000. Some time later the project fell apart thus giving the origin of a new one - AMBIENT ANARCHIST.

United by the desire to experiment and driven by their constantly growing interest in the sphere of electro-acoustics and audio-visual media, the band was ready for the big stage. Since 2001, AMBIENT ANARCHIST have participated in a number of festivals for electronic music, ambient, cinema and theatre. Simultaneously, the band has conceived an original theatre performance presented at a festival in Liverpool, and has been working with theatre and movie directors composing original music for their artworks.

It was in 2004 when AMBIENT ANARCHIST went to London and in three months time virtually ravished London squats and clubs. While still there they were invited to the quarters of BBC to record three of their pieces and give a live interview on their music.

Nowadays, the band continues their search in means of expression - hardware-wise or software-wise - using old-fashioned and brand-new media. Even lately they have created their own make musical instruments. This is why you shouldn’t be scared by the fact that next to the traditional elctro-acoustic instruments - drums, guitars, trumpets, saxophone, computer and synths, on the stage you can see clocks, saucepans, PVC pipes, weird concertinas, small tubes, baloons, little guitars and all kinds of widgets.

The sound produced by all these devices will definitely surprise you. AMBIENT ANARCHIST love to mix not only sounds, but genres as well. Starting with PUNK, going through FREE JAZZ, one can be lead to DUB and JUNGLE, ending up tripped to some AMBIENT. One should be calm that the musicians are in delicate, however total, control of this complicated bundle of styles. One can meet them on a PUNK event scraping guitars and drums, and at an AMBIENT festival fiddling with controllers, computers and synths.

Members to date:

Todor Stoyanov - programming, synths, guitars, bass and widgets
Alexander Daniel - drums, percussion, synths and widgets
Stefan Hristov aka Mr.Smiff - trumpet, saxophone, vocal, synths, bass and widgets

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