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  1. Flammentod Is NSBM From Germany formed at year 2001 in Hessen and have deal with Flammentod Teutschland.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir - All Music &…

  2. Menneskerhat is a project with 2 members:
    F.M.(Epithalium) and Herr Rabensang(Totenburg, Epithalium, ex-Antiphrasis)
    These two guys released two…

  3. 5:45 is a national socialist black metal trio from Bavaria, Germany. The band started in 2007 with a demo-record entitled Seit 5:45 Uhr wird jetzt…

  4. 1.) Magog was a ,lyrically focusing on paganism, war and anti-christian beliefs, black metal band formed 1997 in Pirna, Saxony, Germany. After they…

  5. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2003 - Christen Sind Unser Unglück (demo)
    - 2004 - Los von Rom (demo)
    - 2005 - Magna Europa Est…

  6. Heldentum was a black metal band formed in Germany in 1996.

  7. Greek (Athens) NSBM Band, formed in the year 2000.


    Principles Of Aryan Blood Demo, 2001
    Wolfkampfer Single, 2002
    Hellenic -…

  8. Rabennacht was Found in the Year of 2004 by Wehrwolf after the split off Blackgoat one year later after the 1st Release of " Rabennacht -…

  9. There are two Blutraches:

    1. NSBM band from Finland, formed in 1999
    Last known line-up:
    Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul (Satanic Warmaster)…

  10. There are at least 2 bands called Ulfhethnar:

    (1) A German RAC/black metal side-project by Widar of Bilskirnir fame.

    (2) An Argentine black metal…

  11. Early Black Metal from Switzerland. Formed in 1993 in Basel, Switzerland by the Band's only member, Zwingherr Greif.

    First releases featured common…

  12. NS black metal band from Greece (Athens).

    - 2003 - Wargus Esto (demo)
    - 2005 - Wargus Esto

    - 2009 - ...from the Corpsegates

  13. Holocaustus is Nsbm Band from Germany formed at year 1998 in Hessen and have deal with Warhorn Productions.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir -…

  14. NS Black Metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  15. Skatval - all instruments and vocals

  16. Ornaments of Sin is a black metal band from Sarreguemines, France formed in 2001. The band's name is taken from the Darkthrone song Lifeless.…

  17. Gassturm is a NS-Black Metal Band from Germany.
    The only member "Katarrh" released 3 demos and participated in a split with Rabennacht.

  18. Genre : Viking Metal/RAC
    Lyrical themes : Paganism, Nationalism
    Origin : Germany (Thuringia)
    Formed in : 1996
    Current Label : Rebel Records

  19. Black metal band from Germany (Kassel)
    - 2001 - Ewiges Reich
    - 2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita/Ewiges Reich (split with Jerusolima Est…


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