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    "sunn o)))? those pussies?" - Alvin Lucier
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    beyond music but still musical
    after listened almost 30 minutes of I'm sitting in a room, a heavy painhead started and I really dont know why... but was a great experience! Alvin, you're a genius
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    He is coming to Ireland with Eliane Radigue for those interested- Louth Contemporary Music Society presents Sounds in Space: the unique musical visions of composers Alvin Lucier and Eliane Radigue 20 June 2014 at 8pm Dundalk Gaol (info:
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    I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now…
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    just uploaded several hi-resolution photos. check them out, vote.
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    I first heard Lucier in 2004, around the same time I found a copy of ‘Crossings’ – a collection of scores up to about 1978. From that moment his music and philosophy towards composition, the role of technology, perception and (most importantly) listening, changed my life forever.
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    Avant Garde Radio
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    "yeah. in your local dumpster." LOL [2]
  • Avatar for BoothsBullet
    Music on a Long Thin Wire is simply transcendental
  • Avatar for bruno__________
    i always read his name as 'ave lucifer'
  • Avatar for illadelphianjb
    Clocker is pretty good. Discovered it through a cursory search for "polydyptic", which was used in Italo Calvino's novel "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler". More info here: Trying to get a hold of some other work(s)
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    "Bird and Person Dyning" ♥
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    Pauline if you are reading this, I left the front door key at Tony's house. Also he asked you to glue and expand the estrus and electrified [group]'pataphysics[/group] group.
  • Avatar for Hirapur
    If you are sitting in a room listening to 'I Am Sitting In a Room', would it be right to say that you are not just hearing the natural resonant frequencies of the room that Alvin was recording in, but also the frequencies of the room you yourself are sat in?
  • Avatar for butteredcat
    the very important thing is to find the difference between 'experimental' and 'avant-garde'. yep, the terms are similar, but not the same. not every musical experiment is either innovation or avant-garde.
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    i am sitting in a room = ***** + *
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    "I've alway been concerned that I Am Sitting In A Room is just as much about the resonant frequencies and formants of the speakers he was using as much as the room they were in. You can really hear those dodgy cones" - you're concerned about that? is it not the same sound you herad yesterday?
  • Avatar for DigiDan
    "yeah. in your local dumpster." LOL
  • Avatar for phillip360
    Glue the estrus [group]'pataphysics[/group] group and absorb [url=]time machine lecture #6[/url]
  • Avatar for jambot
    bitter. still it manages to be top track.
  • Avatar for deathloop
    yeah. in your local dumpster.
  • Avatar for ShipDestroyer
    anyone know where i can get a copy of i am sitting in a room? hmmm?
  • Avatar for FUBAR22
    The "phase interference" of the sine waves sounds a lot like binaueral beets.
  • Avatar for ucmakdere
    Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Calling all downs. Calling all downs to dayne. Array! Surrection! Eireweeker to the wohld bludyn world. O rally, O rally, O rally! Phlenxty, O rally! To what lifelike thyne of the bird can be. Seek you somany matters. Haze sea east to Osseania. Here! Here! Tass, Patt, Staff, Woff, Havv, Bluvv and Rutter. The smog is lofting. And already the olduman's olduman has godden up on othertimes to litanate the bonnamours. Sonne feine, somme feehn avaunt! Guld modning, have yous viewsed Piers' aube?
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    [url=]MULTIPURPOSE ALARMS[/url] may be useful around the home, workplace and conflict zone.
  • Avatar for RJMyato
    i'm sitting in a room RIGHT NOW
  • Avatar for In_Consonance
    man, this guy is so influential
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    ♫ nourish, glue and inflate the soon to be estrus and electrified [group]'pataphysics[/group] group ♫
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    make those distortions sing!
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    straight scientific
  • Avatar for jonopodmore
    I've alway been concerned that I Am Sitting In A Room is just as much about the resonant frequencies and formants of the speakers he was using as much as the room they were in. You can really hear those dodgy cones
  • Avatar for Zeitgeist1980
    I am sitting in a room is pure art
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    the Curtis/Burr album is my favourite.
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    Still Lives ia a great effort, high-pitch minimalism (with a regular sine wave chime for the first two tracks)
  • Avatar for _duif
    the normal version of I am sitting in a room on Lovely Music is 45 minutes. there is or was a shorter, earlier recording on Ubu. but I don't know about any 68 minute version? and of course people really listen to all of it, what the hell? such a great piece!
  • Avatar for davisonio
    Well I have the 15 minutes version. Anyone else have any other lengths?!
  • Avatar for astro1_rohit
    The album here shows 45 mins....what version do you have????
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    roryhasreturned: I presume robosapien is talking about the slight misspelling. It's because the ubuweb mp3 is mistagged, methinks. I've since changed my tag, but I presume otehrs have not...?
  • Avatar for Medullac
    wallpaper? wtf that's mean?
  • Avatar for MaPey
    I am sitting in a room...different from the one you are in now... great lyric :p
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    ahaaaaaa yo.. :p~~~~

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