• My Jamaican compilation

    29 Dec 2009, 01:08 by petic

    A couple of weeks ago I was at a birthday party, and when some reggae was playing a friend of mine remarked that she liked it. Then I offered to compile a cd-ful of tracks in this genre, so as to give her an idea of what this music is about.
    The result is available for all to take: you can find the link at the end of the journal entry.

    First I thought I would just pick a few reggae favourites and be done with it - as I had started a "favourite" folder, this wouldn't have been difficult. This folder already contained some rocksteady tracks as well, so I decided to broaden the spectrum, and try to introduce my friend to the development of the various genres in a chronological order.

    Now, I do not in any way pretend to be an expert of Jamaican music; let's just say that this compilation is as much a collection of my favourites as an introduction to Jamaican music. I'm sure many important artists/songs of each genre are not featured on the cd, yet I tried to bear in mind who were the greatest.