• Choose your favourite (media player quiz)

    7 Jan 2006, 10:47 by timelezz

    No point in me doing this really..I'm bored.

    Go through your iTunes, winamp, etc. and sort all songs by alphabet and pick your favorite song for each letter. Then explain why you picked that song.

    <characters> - The's - 'Woo Hoo' (2003)
    I loved this track, and after Kill Bill even more. It's a weird track, but you can't get it out of your mind.

    # - C-Mos - 2 Million Ways (piano mix) (2004)
    Best piano-dance track ever!

    A - Brian Eno - An Ending (1995)
    This is one of the songs everyone would like to play on their funeral. Really the best ambient songs ever.

    B - Tracey Ullman - Breakaway (1983)
    There ain't is a better happy Rock&Roll track like this one. I just love it!

    C - Girl Nobody - Cages (Lemon 8 mix) (2004)
    One of the best remixes ever made. Lemon 8 made a nice progressive trance track of this. The haunting vocals are really awesome.

    D - Red Light District - Did You Hear Me (1998)
    A bit dark, but trancy and uplifting track. It never comes to be epic. …