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  • I'm obsessed with Fascination but cannot find a reasonable way of getting the CD here in the US. iTunes is no help.
  • live @ popstarz 2nite :))
  • but they seem a nice enough bunch, and it was funny to hear they didn't want to tour with spice girls.
  • Just saw these guys live on richard and judy, i have to say. What the fuck has happened to todays music.
  • I totally shouldn't like it, but I've fallen in love with Fascination. One of THE best pop songs that could ever possibly exist.
  • It's like a revelation wo-ow wo-ow! We live on fascination. What a happy feel song!
  • haha. i love this band! sozzage
  • good god, this band is so damn catchy!
  • why do i like this, huh? i dont know. its just damn catchy. yay
  • so happy! i saw you guys in colchester route totally random!
  • <33333333
  • Ein zwei drei Weltpolizei *Dance*
  • so so happy wooh oh oh
  • great
  • LOVE.
  • hmm pretty gay but i like it:/
  • lovely ^^
  • beautiful!
  • great happy music : )))
  • VOTE for Alphabeat for the New Sounds Of Europe-prize.
  • is it me or 10.000 Nights Of Thunder sounds like a high school musical track :D
  • can't find the lyrics but i think they sing: you're so cool, you're so hot you're so good... love that song
  • Does anyone know where I can download their album? I live in the states and I don't have the money to buy the cd!
  • Aphabeat stinker, næsten 25000 plays... WOW! seriøst, kan ikke fatte det.
  • Jeg elsker jeres musik :) glæder mig til at se jer til Zulu rocks! :)
  • holmsgaard, you should see them live. They are great live!
  • The album is amazing, i love it.
  • Strange music :)
  • Debut album is excellent.. Downloaded it a few days ago, and been listening to it (almost) ever since..
  • sodastar!
  • Haha, yeah, knew it was something like that :D And yes, it's awesome, can't help smiling at it.
  • 10.000 Nights of Thunder ;)! Its great.. You need to be really depressed if this doesnt make you smile.
  • I really like Fascination too, although the radio has been playing that song sooo much.. I like their newest one, something like Ten thousand miles of wonder or something :D
  • alpha beat sucks! especially live!


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