• All Get Out - The Season (2012)

    24 Jan 2013, 09:52 by honeststeveza

    Lets be honest, be it by harmonious hook or chromatic crook , we live in an Indie-infested world. So much so that if we were to refer to the archetypal Zombie apocalyptic script, listening to Indie could be considered a dire symptomatic stage of a world-wide epidemic. Yes, you could perceive this as a boorish “diss” on this blooming musical genre; but seriously the cute harmonies; the convincing heart sore lyrics; the artsey manufactured ambience and delightfully coloured song titles have just become too common; too familiar; too predictable just too “blegh” (that’s me self inducing my gag reflex). I can only hear about relationship foibles and follies, weddings or funerals and pets X amount of times before I turn to blegh as a means of expression.

    Enter the precocious, humble hero to save the day and soothe my burning oesophagus.
    Enter All Get Out.

    The brainchild of South Carolinian singer/guitarist Nathan Hussey, All Get Out is best described in two words “Loud” and “Personal”. …