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  • Avatar for iPowers
    All Forgotten had two unreleased songs, Hands, and I Divide, and I have both. If either of you want it, feel free to message me and I'll send it to ya. :)
  • Avatar for iPowers
    All I play is I Divide and i'm top listener already? Damn!!
  • Avatar for iPowers
    One of the best post-hardcore bands i've ever heard.
  • Avatar for ifitmeansalot
    Does someone just listen to Love From A Mother on repeat? Has like 5 times the plays of any other song..
  • Avatar for sambam933
    I wish you hadn't broken up. Your talent will for sure be missed. I'm glad i got to see you guys playing with Jon though.
  • Avatar for thesuitdecides
    Sounds great!! feel free to check out [artist]The Suit Decides[/artist] :-)
  • Avatar for orangesinge
    I remember seeing these guys support Emarosa, they were great. The vocalist seems to be trying to be Adam Lazzara though.
  • Avatar for iPowers
    Deadweight is awesome, but i'm a little disappointed John left this band.
  • Avatar for Phipsss
    hey, i want your songs :o but i couldn't find them .. where can i buy them ? or does anyone else know, where to get them ? a problem might be, that i live in germany
  • Avatar for oheloise
  • Avatar for mickeymait
    saw you friday night with Iseestars, versa and wtk <3 you were all amazing!
  • Avatar for Untouchab1e
    Deadweight is pretty good!
  • Avatar for missxdelaney
    Just seen them! Nice.
  • Avatar for BrokenxStars
    what a shit band. lol.
  • Avatar for Jennybean
    re: momopopcorn i want to know too :( pretty much loved this band just for jons voice. i hope he joins another band soon.
  • Avatar for MomoPopcorn
    Can someone tell me what happend to John? I just love his voice!
  • Avatar for rockyursocksoff
    saw u guys supporting paramore :) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 u should have had F.U.N's set as well XD
  • Avatar for shereenstrachan
    can't wait to see you guys supporting paramore!:)
  • Avatar for sambam933
    Love From A Mother is just too awesome. >< <3
  • Avatar for ThatWelshChap
    Deadweight, such a good song!!
  • Avatar for Joshmcbong
  • Avatar for Kryptite
    Great :]
  • Avatar for gui_x
    from uk
  • Avatar for haiyeee
  • Avatar for xShadow1
    lolwtf, the singer was in the kiss and tell-video by ym@6?!
  • Avatar for Charl-x
    best band ever.
  • Avatar for t0m135
    Saw these guys last week supporting fightstar. Amazing stuff. :)
  • Avatar for eLliAsAurUS
    oh and fatigue :D amazing band!!
  • Avatar for eLliAsAurUS
    theres more then just transitiions they have two more songs - at a guess im second best and im not bitter this just shows i care
  • Avatar for shinelune
    love them <3
  • Avatar for Phazix
    I wish these guys had more than just whats on transitions. I cant find anything else besides that
  • Avatar for iPowers
    They are really underated.
  • Avatar for ohusaucybarstrd
    Transition is amazing been waiting ages for it :) <3
  • Avatar for Colems
    Actually gutted that you didn't play Wedgewood Rooms with We Are The Ocean and Towers last night. :( WHYYYYY
  • Avatar for mickcrisp
    these guys are sick, only got 3 of their tracks tho, at a guess, im not bitter and fatigue. could anyone send me some of their other tracks?
  • Avatar for iidawi
  • Avatar for helloiamzach
    At A Guess, I'm Second Best is easily the best song they've got.
  • Avatar for Gandkapper
    not bad) I like them music
  • Avatar for CatastrophicP
    so great. <3.
  • Avatar for eLliAsAurUS
    these guys are amazing!!!
  • Avatar for TakingBackMeg
    =') The singer bloke, OMG, mega tall! Saw them in Colchester with Deaf Havana. (Y)
  • Avatar for alonebymyself
    These guys rocks!
  • Avatar for CptDaz
    All Forgotten are the sex.
  • Avatar for liquidloz
    Transitions is pretty damn awesome
  • Avatar for KERPLUNKEN
    if you like this music you will probably love ... spread the word it will probably one of the best post-hardcore album 2009! it fucking rules !!!!
  • Avatar for iPowers
    hey guys I can't find the album. If someone can get the album for me and tell me where to download it or send it to me i could really appreciate it. In return i'll upload all the albums of any band you want. I've uploaded over 500 bands already and i'll be glad to do yours for helping me out. Thanks a lot.
  • Avatar for joylovesyou
    heyy you guys played with escape the fate. i remember you. you should publicise that more :L
  • Avatar for Tommarse666
    my band supported you in liverpool in march :D
  • Avatar for liquidloz
    got the demo last year and still loving it :)
  • Avatar for conorsampson
    really really good stuff


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