• That's the way you do it, you play the guiltar on the em-tee-vee. (Classical guitar…

    13 Jul 2006, 10:45 by huddyhippo

    LJ posted on 2nd June 2006.]

    There is a very simple, very sweet, very soothing version of Pachelbel's 'Canon In D', apparently performed by some unknown character whom we shall only ever know as "Michael". It feels as though it's being played Very Carefully (feels like how I play), and the how low can you go? but surprisingly clear bitrate [24kbps] causes me to think that someone's just recorded it in a village hall somewhere. Possibly as some sort of exam piece. Probably not, but it's a nice thought to have.

    When I think of classical guitar music, Alirio Diaz playing 'Valses Venezolanos (Uno)' is what I hear in my head. For someone who's played the guitar for nine years, I'm woefully ignorant about the subject, but to me this piece feels like quintessential classic guitar music. It's a very charming piece, and I mean that in the human sense. It's stop-start flirting in warm sunshine, it creeps softly forwards and then backs off a little, you're given some space…