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  • boldin78

    Прекрасная музыка!

    December 2014
  • rafib

    Keep it up

    October 2014
  • SeRiOuS_5

    Try this amazing mix by Alif Tree dating from 2006, a wonder :

    February 2013
  • Cat_007

    Cool! I like it))

    February 2013
  • samheerey

    The Cinematic Orchestra have just put up an eflyer for their upcoming release "The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1" which is out on 25th June on Ninja Tune. Head over to their website and have a listen to the preview of 'Necrology' off the album and the art work Pre-order is also available here

    June 2012
  • Doberman27

    Time 2000 <3

    May 2012


    May 2012
  • RottenZombie

    French Cuisine ist THE shit. great atmosphere. gotta check out his other stuff

    March 2012
  • CloserMe

    without her

    February 2012
  • M0M0zArT

    Spaced + French Cuisine : WOAW !

    October 2011
  • egorgnibeda


    October 2011
  • Amputacija


    October 2011
  • A1enochka

    ахринителен !!!!!

    August 2011
  • jp_smartins

    Hey folks. Well, I need to find the song Plain Gold Ring from Alif Tree (it's been originally performed by Nina Simone but used by him later, in a great way). So, I think I need a kind of help too cause I could not find it to download. Anywhere! Thanks for reading. : -)

    August 2011
  • AnikaDzhan


    July 2011
  • matjb

    This is nice!

    July 2011
  • xandovsky

    é jazzy, é moderno, é chic, é noturno, é urbano. muito bom!

    June 2011
  • uppis5

    Funky Cloud is very... funky :)

    March 2011
  • mental_asthma

    je ne suis pas sage

    February 2011
  • possible137

    Good music. A bit like the RENAMENAx, but they do not compare :) Peeaace!! %))

    February 2011
  • HayrVay

    Can someone recommand some tracks like Get Away ? Cause it's the only one i like. Helium/baby/vocoder voices are REALLY not my cup of tea, so ...

    January 2011
  • antiqwar

    Incredible music! Сrazy ideas, crazy power..... is brilliant.... Alif - genius! А несколько вещей вообще голову сносят...

    January 2011
  • cegutierrez73

    que deleite de musica para mis oidos

    November 2010
  • victorrr1987

    l'amour nunca muere is the best song for sure. Greetings from Russia! ;)

    September 2010
  • yeana713


    August 2010
  • mesalazinum

    don't you know i had enough?

    June 2010
  • mattkatt1234

    To jes zaje*iste!!

    June 2010
  • AcrylicVisions

    Where has this guy's music been all my life? Why the hell am I only discovering him now? Damn,Alif Tree is amazing...

    May 2010
  • ironiiia


    March 2010
  • Lamermour

    :X love love love

    February 2010
  • tehmasp

    Belle - damn good track.

    February 2010
  • nasedo-vp

    och, Alif Tree to miód na uszy, miód.

    January 2010
  • kaasdaye

    jestem urzeczona płytą French Cuisine... merci ;-)

    January 2010
  • ze0d

    Magnifique !

    December 2009
  • brylu

    maybe - caravan palace

    November 2009
  • Devanx

    Hey, can anybody else recommend any other especially good French downtempo? Or really, anything that's somewhat comparable to this. Doing so would be much appreciated!

    November 2009
  • hatorhator83

    ...trez belle!

    September 2009
  • marrriolcia

    Has anyone got 'French Cuisine' or 'Spaced' ? I can't find it....

    September 2009
  • fertyn

    неплохой трип:)

    August 2009

    I've found Alif Tree today. Never heard of it before. Great! Very good music!

    July 2009
  • buscaius

    i just met him yesterday.. Can't stop listening now

    June 2009
  • MusicholicA

    Alif Tree is some of the best I've heard in years

    May 2009
  • Bry86

    We like Alif Tree! --->

    April 2009
  • thirdprofile

    every time i listen to this guy i like his stuff more and more... "i feel blue" is superb

    April 2009
  • peacechild000

    belle tres belle

    March 2009
  • nonstopbus


    March 2009
  • amydelasfotos

    Very good! Sounds like what we considered "free style music" in the Bronx in the early 80's. We were big fans of groups like Information Society.

    February 2009
  • antonio2bastos

    very good music....

    February 2009
  • lovertriphoper

    His music for relax.

    February 2009
  • nasedo-vp

    Has anyone got a new album "clockwork"?

    February 2009