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  • dat spook on point
  • @Newtype: Ditto, I feel live recordings really lack those other guitar tracks
  • xAzalea ~ Auction sites.
  • Newtype ~ I think their support drummer was from Speed ID.
  • Where the fuck can I buy their "21st Century"? D:
  • Did they ever reveal who their drum slave was? Also, I'm surprised they never got a 2nd guitarist since a lot of their songs have 2~3 guitar parts to them.
  • One of the best visual kei units ever. If not the best one.
  • good wiki
  • Boku Shimobe = one of the greatest VK tracks ever done.
  • 永遠に。 呪縛鏡 ♥
  • dat bass
  • never gets old [2]
  • never gets old
  • New band with Kyouka [url=]DROSERA OBLAAT[/url]
  • Oh yeah!
  • New Aliene webpage ;D
  • I want to go >:(
  • Revival on May 20, again~ .
  • I've been listening to their stuff again these days and I just realized how fucked up this is.
  • [url=]Unless you've seen this, no[/url]
  • Is there any more news on Mast's new band? I heard that it has two vocalists.
  • well said
  • :p
  • Alicia_Angelica, Let me show you what word "uncultured" really means. Fuck off.
  • XD
  • Yes, and I understand those people mean they like the band by saying and copy pasting such words:) Just find it uncultured, even for fans of such hard and crazy band :)
  • English is clearly not her first language. Figurative speech and that sort of ~shit~
  • Oh my god <<
  • I know you like it, but it is not great to hear when someone calls like that something what he likes. :) It is immature :)
  • I don't know about what shit you talking here, but I love that band, no shit.
  • fuckin love this shit [4] and chaos system, deflina ma'riage and Nega ... thanks Kyoka and Ray for keep active in music :)
  • fuckin love this shit [3]
  • fuckin love this shit [2]
  • fuckin love this shit
  • selling some VHS tapse from them
  • hm pretty funny they used to call the band autism especially since they're my favorite old band
  • Yea, but official start of Lauder is planned on 7.7.2010 with concert at Ikebukuro Cyber.
  • Mast is in a new band called Lauder :3
  • Mast is in there now, too? I thought it was just Ray. Nega is pretty terrible. They both could do and have done better.
  • Is the thing Mast is doing with Nega a temporary thing or is he a new member? I might give them a listen but I really can't like Jin's voice ._.
  • Nice band
  • Hedbang rules \m/
  • so forget about your cred and you'll be happier
  • ugh, I can't believe I kind of like a visual kei band. This is going to kill my cred.
  • *ω* ♥♥♥ [5]
  • I said that about the CD ages ago. The issue is the romanized title, not the Japanese.
  • By the way guys I've got the CD and it's written 撲『しもべ』.
  • JaME, an official source? Now that made me laugh. Also, 撲 never reads "shimobe", though 僕 does. Yes, those two kanji are different. Kyouka just played on it. So I guess it's ok to romanize it "boku 「shimobe」" but just pronounce it "shimobe" since it's the way it's supposed to be pronounced according to the brackets (and the lyrics content). Probably one of their very best songs btw~


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