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  • Wow, this album is amazing!
  • I love 'Wish' and 'Courage' and the two singles are cool, but a lot of the rest just falls flat.
  • I love this album.
  • CD of the week in the car to work :-)
  • MOLA!
  • I second that NameWasUsed. I think AAF are top-notch and i love them. My favourite songs on this album would be Movies, Smooth Criminal, Courage, Stranded, Summer and Universe.
  • I can't stress how well-rounded and under-rated this album is.
  • One of the most under-appreciated albums ever recorded.
  • This album is amazing i love it so much
  • summer, wish, happy death day, smooth criminal, movies...love this album.
  • YES YES YES I looooooove this entire album. I recommend it to just about eveyone. It's flippin' AWESOME!!
  • this was my life sound track for a long time... i hope it never gets forgotten.
  • One of the best albums ever!
  • I loved the shit out of this album when I was 7 and fuck it's still kickass
  • Mmmmm, mallcorous.
  • I was 11 when I got this album. Good stuff.
  • underrated band and album- i love every song on it
  • de lo mejor ke e escuxado nunca....la banda sonora de mi adolescencia....y del tony hawk xD
  • good album
  • don't care how old this album is,it still rocks!!!!!
  • "Wish I still had this album." Me too! I was looking for it about a year ago to no avail :\
  • first heavy album i ever bought like...8...9 years ago?....haha, still enjoy hearing it when i feel nostalgic
  • Wish I still had this album.
  • esta banda es muy buena y me trae recuerdo de mi infacia
  • Awesomeness
  • o/
  • of course :)
  • OK. i think?
  • flames, rage and romance - the unique blend
  • I think this was the first album I ever bought.
  • its corny as hell when they decided to highlight the ANT in their album titles
  • i loved this album when i was in middle school, and i think much of my current affection for it comes solely from that nostalgic feel i get from hearing it +1
  • Pretty awesome album
  • cool
  • YES
  • wut

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