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  • :((((
  • Beautiful! Very inspirational!
  • Im in love with this song name<3
  • chef-d'oeuvre ! Arcydzielo ! Masterpiece !
  • the best EVER !
  • its like the star in the sky that will never come down
  • Ok, I feel a tear coming on. Such a beautiful song. It makes me think about my husband and how strong our love is. :-)
  • Alicia makes me cry.
  • This song makes me cry :(
  • This use to be me and my ex boyfriends song.. I love it but I can't listen to it anymore.. (Guess that's how strong his love was.. LOL)
  • so sweet i could die listening to it and i would not mind at all
  • I get such good summer feelings from this song <3
  • This is one of my most favorite songs off the album!!!:)
  • Masterpiece.
  • utterly beautiful person inside and out
  • I reckon this sounds very similar to a song by the Force M'D's . Tender Love. Am i wrong?
  • Some people they call me crazy for falling in love with you ♫
  • Amazing Beauty
  • has a wicked voice
  • so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it's so beautifull hear Alicia Keys
  • At first I expected a cover of the Otis Redding song but this clearly ain't
  • My favorite track from "The Element Of Freedom" [2] Her voice is amazing.
  • ....nooooooooo!......
  • Went to school with her mom...can't believe there ever was a time when we did not know Alicia...She is a blessing!
  • 1st time hearin this....its lovely (:
  • I just realized how great this song is! OMFG!!!!
  • Lovely indeed.
  • lovely song... :)
  • lovely
  • It's the next best thing to "Butterflyz"!
  • I love love love love love this song. I can't get enough of it because that IS how strong my love is!
  • just love this song ,gets ur mood going 4 the nite out .[party time].
  • .... yesssssssssss ............
  • KABRIANA "SEXATONIC BIONIC" in stores May 15, 2010
  • i love her so much :) she makes such great music
  • <3
  • My favorite track from "The Element Of Freedom"
  • So, so beautiful.
  • Such a beautiful sonq!
  • this song really blesses me
  • Oh Alicia! =)
  • I never thought I'd hear a song better than No One by Alicia, but I think this does it.
  • I really really love that song. The lyrics are so beautiful and her vocals amazing. I'm glad I've got finally into Alicia Keys, she's truly amazing.
  • amazing artist in every possible way.
  • This is beautiful..... I want to feel like that one day......
  • COOL :)
  • Is this of off the new album?
  • my song <3


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