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”Ali Murray is a solo musician hailing from the cold and rainy Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland. Equal parts grandiose and humble, effervescent and melancholy, spatial and solitary, Ali’s dark blend of ambient folk, atmospheric post-rock, and dream pop is as beautifully depressing as it is introspectively invigorating. His lyrics, which speak of longing, loss, and various degrees of emotional turmoil we can all relate to in some way, speak volumes themselves but are also wonderfully complimented by moving melodies and expansive keys; Ali proves himself to be a creator of an incredibly vast array of sound for a single person. An artistic channeler of all spectral ranges of human emotion, Ali Murray will appeal to any and all folks looking for that faint, but visible light at the end of the tunnel.” - Kevin Berk

Releases :
An Endless Lullaby CD (2010)
Drowse EP (2010)
Morning Has Come EP (2011)
Sober Moon CD (2012)
Tackle Street EP (2012)
Muffled Prayer EP (2012)
Poems of Emily Brontë EP (2014)
Further Still (2014)
Dead Forests (2015)!/pages/Ali-Murray/141264244067

Ali Murray has other music projects too…

Vapour Night

The Lonely Bell

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