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  • SirianKnight

    I have FINALLY found out how Brendel became the great pianist he is!! Could never find out anything about how he got started! To be 'largely self taught' and to have reached the level he has is truly amazing. LOVE his playing and his quirky intelect!...his poetry is truly amazing! He also likes strange native masks and odd people...

    July 2012
  • luckystoned

    cool stuff!

    March 2012
  • luckystoned

    cool stuff!

    March 2012
  • SixthElephant

    Death to all "Für Elise" listeners [2]

    December 2011
  • ativke

    schubert blows my mind. 4D music.

    October 2011
  • aaammmiiinnn

    Schubert impromptu 90/2 = tears

    March 2011
  • VolcanoColdplay

    Death to all "Für Elise" listeners!!

    November 2010
  • Jhaidinszaev

    Hmm. He's still alive? I guess I can bump him from "second-ish favourite pianist, maybe 1.5th" to "favourite living pianist" then -- the No. 2 spot never seemed quite fair.

    October 2010
  • keisuh

    Genius, all time my favourite along with Mitsuko Uchida.

    July 2010
  • Balandon

    he's still on fire! 79 and keep burning stages! Great man

    June 2010
  • yu00

    I think he's the best interpretator of the Schubert's sonatas. But that's just my opinion...

    April 2010
  • conversecamus

    this man has reached baller status

    April 2010
  • DaveyFabulous

    Seriously hot shit. If Wikipedia is to be believed, pretty much self-taught as well. Utterly, utterly disgusting that he can be this good...

    April 2010
  • BloodyWalls

    The Aristotle of pianists.

    March 2010
  • methadonepretty

    Too hot.

    June 2009
  • F_Hole

    His recordings introduced me to Haydn's pianos sonatas, for which I'm eternally grateful.

    May 2009
  • BurakCC

    some samples

    June 2008
  • Tiago7

    I must say, his recordings of Liszt's Annees de Pelerinage are simply genious. :)

    May 2008
  • Bayati

    similar artists: glenn gould, horowitz, argerich, richter, rubinstein. I'm flabbergasted.

    March 2008
  • Stratopeter

    Yeah, Amina, you're totally right.

    March 2008
  • Amina172

    It´s a SHAME Alfred Brendel isn´t available to play on radio!

    October 2007
  • gautam3


    February 2007
  • mrjulius

    What a pimp.

    December 2006