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  • Avatar for the_winter
    genial :D
  • Avatar for Giunti
    prefer old song,this one looks like a wannabe metalcore.but it's ok,maybe the cd is better.
  • Avatar for b00nb00n
    didn't like it at first but after listenting to it a couple of times it gets better. it's a good thing that this new song sounds different from everything they've done before, I really hope the album will sound different from this though. highlight of the song is definitely beard's drumming and the typical dallas-sing-along-to-refrain. I'm excited for the new record!
  • Avatar for Sirenofevenfall
    i just love it ... alexis are still alexis ... unique as ever ... <3
  • Avatar for dicoco
    different, but still amazing
  • Avatar for Sinsinatti
    I don't like it, I prefer old songs [2]
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
  • Avatar for italianseafood
    Oh shit, my socks are across the other side of the room :O
  • Avatar for MelodicSunrise
    good one! AOF FTW ! :D
  • Avatar for kevinblack16
    Their self titled album in 03' was def the most epic album.. really changed the type of music I listen to. While I have enjoyed every album and 98% of the songs, nothing has compared to "Alexisonfire" IMO. Young Cardinals is def cool. I love the mix of Dallas/George.. I could do without Wade though, but again IMO.
  • Avatar for PeteyZ-
    It is a song that grows on you, i'm slowly starting to dig it, but still, george's vox aren't as good
  • Avatar for blackdoves
    Great song!George's new thing is, quite cool, it was not what i expected it to be, bbut when was alexisonfire delivering something people expect????:)
  • Avatar for theonlypees
    I understand where total__immortal is coming from but the way George is doing his thing is way to close to Wade's style and what he brings to the table. I hope this isn't a reoccurring thing throughout the album cause it will be talking something away (the screaming aspect of Alexis) and not adding something new. But all that being said this is a very safe lead off single, just like on Crisis, so I guess we'll see.
  • Avatar for Nanatzaya
    100% true @ total__immortal. Cudn't've said it better.
  • Avatar for total__immortal
    everything alexis seems to pump out is pure brilliance.. they evolve with every album.. i think people are too close minded when they expect a band to remain the same over every release.. they are artists..they they grow as musicians and need to explore new sounds.. i love all of their stuff equally for different reasons.
  • Avatar for xk32x
    im back again after hearing it a couple of times, i love it :D quite addicting. however its no This Could Be Anywhere in the World
  • Avatar for rhaist
    well it is good. but the question is, is it good enough?
  • Avatar for xk32x
    good song, i just dont like the new screaming vocals i guess ill get used to it
  • Avatar for vixenx
    Retards 'cuz we don't think like you. ahaha, mature, really :'). Btw finaly, I don't like it, I prefer old songs.
  • Avatar for theonlypees
    The way that George is singing now is just like Wade but he adds a hit of his scream at the end of certain words , why do they need to have two people doing pretty much the same thing? Not really feeling the track right now.
  • Avatar for Nanatzaya
    Love georges new "style". Sounds different, but still good. Seems like they are really trying something different this time. Soooo excited...
  • Avatar for filmstheclouds
    whoever thinks it sounds like a7x is a retarded. x2 this songs great =D
  • Avatar for gnoudha
    The song was great (=
  • Avatar for Jasminex
    "whoever thinks it sounds like a7x is a retarded. " thankyou.
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    not feeling it.
  • Avatar for constandinos68
    George Pettit's vocals are much better now. better screaming
  • Avatar for constandinos68
    whoever thinks it sounds like a7x is a retarded.
  • Avatar for thecannibalglow
    Jizz <3 :D
  • Avatar for fullyaliv3
    Fucking awesome, can't wait till the new album
  • Avatar for NeoN9
    Awesome :D
  • Avatar for pardalbom
    alexis <3
  • Avatar for JahPahZzZ
    omg this song rox D:
  • Avatar for Jasminex
    I actually love it, it didn't even have to grow on me. Ew, I don't agree with the a7x thing, probably because I don't like them.
  • Avatar for xXx_Feebie_xXx
    Meh. I wish they still sounded the same as they did in their self titled album :[
  • Avatar for HTML_Rul3z_d00d
    sounds like trophy scars with dallas green <3333
  • Avatar for dicoco
    great (:
  • Avatar for vixenx
    I agree with the a7x thing.. :/. I only like the chorus..
  • Avatar for tell-no-one
    in first second it sounds like rise against
  • Avatar for SamusAran997
    George sounds too weird right now. I need to listen to this more.
  • Avatar for mikehasheart
    honestly, sounds a bit like A7X at times.
  • Avatar for takemeforamug
    Fucking yes.
  • Avatar for nindijin
    Love it


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