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Alexander Beetle are an InFusion band hailing from the darkest depths of Bangor, North Wales.

Alexander Beetle was formed in the Autumn of 2005 by bassist Stoo, Electronics Supervisor Conker and Guitarist Luke.

Each of the 3 members comes from various different musical backgrounds and so came to the consensus that instead of attempting to fit into a certain genre and risk constant internal bickering they should simply attempt to mesh the different styles they listened to. This led to the birth of InFusion. "Fusion" to represent the many styles they incorporate. "" to define the style as a type of music and in satire that any new music of the mid 00s had core at the end. "In" as homage to what they often term 'the band’s Elixir of life' Tea (because you infuse tea).

During the first year of inception, there was not much actual musical work done due to a combination of university commitments, a lack of equipment and a lack of funding. However, the band didn't just rest on their laurels but activly promoted their EP 'The Normal Sessions' resulting in a small but solid fanbase.

At the start of their second year of college in fall 2006, the band was joined by guitarist Eoin and drummer The Casey and acquired a full complement of instruments and some basic computer software with which they began to write and rehearse.

Easter 2007 saw The Casey removed from the line-up with the band citing "He's a fat bastard" and "a bit of a twat" for his ejection.

Alexander Beetle ended their second year of existence on a high. With the moving of their rehearsal and recording space (Beetle Vale Studio) to a new address and a proper landlord and the reshaped line-up leaving the group feeling better able to bond and create new exciting sounds, things were looking up.

2007/2008 saw the group furthering their musical endeavours, setting aside dedicated writing periods and playing live at open mic nights.

Actual recorded material from the band was slow in creation due to all the members being university students with a primary focus of college work. This meant that although the members mustered as much commitment as possible, obvious progress was slow. Despite this, the band still aroused much interest from fans and critiques alike. Even with the limited catalogue the group caught label interest.

In the summer of 2008 the band launched their most ambitious project to date. Recording the EP 'Written Beneath The Palm Tree' which was released as both a standard and special edition version.

AB then wrote the theme tune for the webshow 'Fuseball Top' this track was entitled 'Ode To The Pichiciago' and was one of the songs included on the special edition version of the EP which also contained studio demos from the current and previous sessions.

Members of Alexander Beetle also sessioned on and produced teen heartthrobs 'Indie By Numbers' first single 'Budapest'.

With University coming to a close the members departed Bangor for their separate counties. Meaning almost nothing is likely to happen again. Yet, the purpose behind Alexander Beetle still remains true.

There is discussion of attempting to write, record and produce a new EP over the internet.

Alexander Beetle are by no means dead. Nor even on hiatus. They're just better than you.

Atmospherics/Electronics - Conker
Guitar & Vocals - Eoin
Guitar & Vocals - Luke
Bass & Vocals - Stoo

Previous/Session Members:
Drums - Alex (session)
Violin - Daniel (just to say there was a strings section)
Drums - The Casey (fate twat, lazy turd, skidmark on AB reputation)
Vocals - Tash (a drunken attempt to get tits in the band… she sobered up)

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