• Roll up Roll up

    25 Feb 2011, 21:40 de blibblipblib

    Drop out Drop out

    Old fans and curious new ones will be pleased to hear of the release of Drop Outs, two (now three) bumper volumes of Zan-zan-zawa-veia lost classics and rarities, some never heard before.

    To save me prattling on more info here http://8bc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=23707

    (If this is your first exposure to Zzzv a better place to start might be with the Lune Rose compilation).

    tagging genres has no real use

    Zan has previously released on Disasterpeace's fabled label Pause/ II Music, had albums mixed by Alex Mauer and Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions, check them out.

    Artists with a similar aesthetic/ if you like Zan you might like/ if you like them you might like Zan Jay Tholen, Blitz Lunar, Maxo, Kulor

    (sorry, not an exhaustive list just stuff I'm currently digging but who likes spam anyway)
  • Music for Robots

    6 Ene 2011, 3:45 de davidkarasick

    I find myself listening to a ton of Alex Mauer and the like since I started working as an administrator in continuing IT education. I suppose it's because my lifestyle has turned far over towards a digital lifestyle to adjust and I wanted to listen to s to get more into it?

    Living in Tokyo doesn't really help matters much to begin with. From an objective viewpoint, human interface here is can be very much robotic. I truly feel like I've been drawn here to fight my inner-demons that have been fueling my workaholism for years.

    With tracks like "wv" being so black and white, yet still managing to kick it in an 8-bit funk sort of way, it works well as my current soundtrack. It's creativity within extreme constraint, a soul within the shell.
  • "Electronica"

    7 Jun 2010, 18:43 de twistedgreen

    I just clicked on the Journal button accidentally... I didn't realize that last.fm even had a journal. Well then, I believe this constitutes my first entry.

    Lately I've been getting back to my roots, meaning listening to more music after a long hiatus. I'm enjoying some more obscure sub-genres like , but my heart still lies in -land. I recently bought an album by Alex Mauer after hearing his music on Penny Arcade TV. I got his album 9999, which consists of a whopping 42 tracks composed on 9 different game systems including Amiga, Game Boy, NES, and PC Adlib. It's good stuff.

    I've also learned about Little Boots after reading about the bizarre Japanese electronic instrument/tracker called the Tenori-on, which she plays. The music is very catchy and I've enjoyed it quite a bit, although I have to admit I'm a bit sick of it by now.

    As always, I'm looking for new music to listen to. I find that I miss some of the sounds that I used to listen to, so I'd like to find more of that. …
  • Nobuooo February '10 - Highest Voted Items

    9 Mar 2010, 16:53 de jeriaska

    The Nobuooo news website takes a look at the most read, voted and tweeted items for February 2010.

    This past month Garry Schyman scored BioShock 2, a soundtrack album was announced for ThatGameCompany's Flower, Akira Yamaoka joined Grasshopper Manufacture, and the Korg DS-10 Plus software debuted.

    These are a selection of items from 2.10.


    Fan-Fueled Retro Game Revival - Comic Market 77

    Comiket attracts hundreds of thousands of amateur artists from all over Japan. This GameSetWatch report takes a look at the remixed videogame music of Comic Market 77, including interviews with the participants.


    Flower soundtrack announced

    Coming soon, That Game Company will be releasing the original soundtrack for Flower composed by Vincent Diamante. The soundtrack has been remastered and mixed specifically for the release, and more details will be announced in the near future on the official Playstation Blog.