• OTR: Blur - The Best of

    10 Jan 2010, 23:08 by warren33

    Before Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad & the Queen (and a couple of other endevours), Blur was Damon Albarn's primary project. On the cover of The Best Of you can see him in cartoon form in the lower left-hand corner. Guitarist Graham Coxon is in the upper left-hand corner, bassist Alex James takes the upper right and drummer Dave Rowntree is the man in the lower right-hand corner. I actually find the cartoon cover amusing, not merely because the first Gorillaz album wouldn't be released until the following year (The Best of Blur came out in late November of 2000) but because somehow the image of Blur as a cartoon just seems to match their sound.

    I just recently purchased this compilation, burning up a couple of gift cards that I'd received over the holidays. It had been residing on my wish list for years and since it had been ages since I'd heard anything by Blur, I decided to finally add one of their albums to my collection. …
  • Daily Music News podcast is online

    15 Jun 2009, 16:46 by bbc6music

    Isle of Wight, Rockness and Download festivals wind up as the Flaming Lips tell us about their new album; Yoko Ono's supergroup makes its UK debut and while Blur kick off their comeback, Alex James gets involved with former members of New Order.

    Get it here:
  • Graham Coxon und Damon Albarn auf einer Bühne

    26 Feb 2009, 23:38 by Putrick

    Am Mittwoch fanden in der Brixton Academy die „NME Awards“ statt – und die zwei zentralen Figuren der besten Band der 90er standen zusammen auf der Bühne und sangen „This Is a Low“:
    (direkt zum YouTube-Video)

    Nä, wat schön. „This Is a Low“ ist zwar nicht mein Lieblingslied von Blur, aber allein, dass die beiden zum ersten Mal seit neun Jahren wieder gemeinsam auftraten, ist fast so wundervoll wie der 12. April 2007, als Carl Barât und Pete Doherty erstmals seit der Auflösung der Libertines wieder ein paar Lieder zum besten gaben.
    Nun mag die kundige Leserschar empört einwenden, dass sowohl bei Blur als auch bei den Libertines ja immer noch jeweils zwei Personen zur Komplettierung der Besetzung fehlen. Während aber bei den Libertines bis heute kein Termin für eine dauerhafte und vollständige Wiedervereinigung abzusehen ist, lässt sich der Beschreibung neben dem oben eingebundenen Video entnehmen…
  • Blur reuniting?

    3 May 2007, 09:04 by pivic

    A bit of a long-shot, but Blur might be "reuniting", i.e. Graham Coxon is yet again joining the fold, according to this article courtesy of Yahoo! News.

    If the sessions are unsuccessful Blur will split, according to Alex James. We'll see! Considering how good I think Coxon's solo-albums have been of late and Blur's albums have dipped, I'm hoping.

    A bit of Coxon:

    Now, if only Oasis would come back to life with a good album for once...
  • 05/03/2006 Louis XIV, Munich Atomic Cafe

    7 Mar 2006, 22:51 by manu74

    Another gig in the beautiful tiny Atomic Cafe. The Waking Eyes from Canada were opening for Louis XIV and were actually quite good. After a short break Louis XIV came on stage. Firstly I was a bit confused because I hardly recognised half of the band. They looked really different to the press pictures I’ve seen so far. Especially the bass player, who looked like a crossover of Thomas Anders of Modern Talking (haircut) and Alex James of Blur (attitude) and Brian who looked a lot like a Rabbi to me ;o) confused me a bit. And surprisingly there was not as much posing as we expected to be – which was good.
    But now back to the actual reason of the concert - the music. It was a really good rocking loud concert. The audience was a bit quiet in the beginning but warmed up pretty soon and were already dancing and jumping around during Illegal Tender. A Letter To Dominique was definitely another highlight where nearly everyone sang along and Jason was sometimes more in the crowd than actually on stage (there was no security fence ;o). …