• How I Got Here

    3 Jun 2011, 20:56 by alexanderjgrant

    Alex Grant

    Fired at forty. It was a belated birthday present from the owner of the contract embroidery firm I worked for. I had spent the evening before defending one of my staff against the tirade of the boss’s irascible wife: an unconscionable act that needed to be dealt with, swiftly. And so it was the following morning I found myself back at home, before my wife had even left for work. I stood there, without job, title, high five-figure salary or security, and fearful of telling her the news. Without hesitation, my wife affirmed, “This is the best thing that could have happened to you. You were miserable in that job. We’ll figure it out”. Pause, catch breath….wow. The doors that life opens and closes are rarely the ones we are expecting.

    I grew up in a rigid, academically-oriented environment. I always found school easy, piano practice difficult, and longed to play baseball and work on motors. My mother would have none of that. …