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  • Avatar for OceanGypsy666
  • Avatar for jediforce64
    great song
  • Avatar for Eliallday
    noooooooo im mean yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • Avatar for henpod
    Abslomdaak's sense of humour has walked the plank
  • Avatar for Rachzach
    Much better than their B side..."Cap'n Crunch's Scurvy" Yo, ho, ho.
  • Avatar for VexingVision
    I love the hilariously epic start. Bombastic! Trumpets! And then fade to accordion - this makes me laugh in sheer delight every single time. Also, highly enjoyable song all over. Alestorm will always be one of my favourites.
  • Avatar for abslomdaak
  • Avatar for henpod
    Ok this was fucking awesome
  • Avatar for dustinharte
    Just went out and found the album. Didn't even finish the song first!!! Definitely my new favorite band of the month.
  • Avatar for BjornOlafsson
    Awesome track, this band is simply amazing!
  • Avatar for Karaiskandar
    At sunrise we will dance the hempin jig So raise up your pint of rum and take another swig !
  • Avatar for foxessed
    captain morgan is my favourite drink, dudes.wannadrink with me? send me a message and join us - ale and leather forever!
  • Avatar for Erenaeoth
    There's definitely a bit in the middle that sounds like the theme from Super Smash Brothers
  • Avatar for olahkry
    Gimme the bloody rum me boy!
  • Avatar for weedfeind
    awsome song
  • Avatar for Vunjak
    Catchy tune and a pirate theme that has been untouched for the most part. I will be following these guys for awhile.
  • Avatar for bsndragon
    Amazing band! I've just discovered them, and I find them absolutely astounishing!!!
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    I love this track, it proves they are more then a funny gimmick, they actually can write some good songs
  • Avatar for gorenotcore101
    Alestorm is so awesome. You gotta dance and headbang to it
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
    love it it
  • Avatar for Woefud
  • Avatar for powerbramble
    All time classic song.
  • Avatar for powerbramble
    All time classic song.
  • Avatar for russelllawings
    so raise up your pint of rum and take another swig!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for McTator
    Pirate Metal^^
  • Avatar for Clinoppe
  • Avatar for Ishtar1998
  • Avatar for NailBunny555
    piratey awesome-ness
  • Avatar for ChurchofMetal
    One of the best title tracks ever.
  • Avatar for mayou2
    i love this band!!! I saw them in action :] graspop metal meeting 2010(belgium)
  • Avatar for Smackypaps
    Can't wait till these guys release a new album. They have delivered top notch stuff on their first two releases.
  • Avatar for -sakils
    go go go... !!! captain :D
  • Avatar for adako
    very good! very good! very....yes!
  • Avatar for Sonster
    makes me wanna proudly do the Captain Morgan pose.
  • Avatar for ArchAngelrc
    "I like songs with kinda a story behind 'em " Second'ed
  • Avatar for BloodyKoen
    I like songs with kinda a story behind 'em
  • Avatar for BarbaricGentile
    Pretty interesting.
  • Avatar for BeIieve
  • Avatar for Rachzach
    Seems pirates only like to be photographed when the camera is below them. Either that or they had a really short photographer. Probably peg-legged.
  • Avatar for jimm9349
    Thanks for the free song. This song just gets better and better.
  • Avatar for Sundrain
    Gah, I fuckin hate people who are not able to distinguish between accent and apostrophes.
  • Avatar for kenyourock
    Unique it is!
  • Avatar for Ryncewynd
    Am I the only one that remembers "Running Wild - checkout "Under the jolly Roger" for old "Pirate Metal"!
  • Avatar for raynex
    pirate metal - nice :) i think ill have to go. sounds like a promising show.
  • Avatar for RATM99
    going to see them on wednesday!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DeathAkerfeldt
    now there is pirate metal???? wow it is awesome...................
  • Avatar for der_nicolaus
    echt gut!
  • Avatar for KatieL1992
    i fucking love this song \m/ alestorm is so awesome i want to see them live
  • Avatar for Nevina
    Nice. :D
  • Avatar for TheDevilsWhore
    Fekkin loves pirate drinking song ever \m/


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