• Famous Dead Musicians/Artists and Causes of Death (Pt 1, Age 16-36)

    23 Jul 2011, 23:56 by thomas10

    This is an article in which I tried to bundle all the great losses of rock'n roll and modern music. That means all the musicians which are worldwide known and died at young age (before 51 years old). I tried to give a little information about the way they died. Most of the information I got from Wikipedia. When someone thinks I forgot an artist or that the information is incorrect... I'm open for new information.

    The list is in order of age of dying

    For the artists older than 36 I'll recommend you Pt 2;


    Ritchie Valens (1941-1959)
    Plane crash. After a winning cointoss and despite of his fear to fly, together with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, he flew out of the Mason City airport in a small plane that Holly had chartered. The plane flew into a blinding snowstorm and crashed shortly after takeoff. This is known as "The Day The Music Died".
  • be negative with your top 20 (April '10)

    17 Jan 2010, 02:39 by opiatesummer

    (some of them I don't even know why still after SO LONG on my top 20. It's easier to be sadistic with my commentaries this way :D)

    20. Bob Dylan
    (Christ, I don't believe I'm going to criticize mr. Zimmerman) Er, you could have not be part of that SCARING Santa Claus video, i mean, seriouly. (i'm lying, even though pretty scary, that video rocked my christmas) p.s.: I wouldn't mind if you release more books :)

    19. Phoenix
    they're great, as much as Lily, but is the same thing here. AH! and if you listen to them too much, the singer's voice gets REALLY annoying. get away from here kind of annoying.

    18. Faith No More
    Great band that I was lucky enough to watch without even suffering as a fan for a long time of waiting: got to know them for a festival and what a surprise it was. But the band absolutely tried to be RHCP with Epic. Then they all got nasty and Anthony Kiedis, the asshole that he is, acted as Anthony Kiedis being stupid and then Mr Bungle acted as ridiculous as AK and we know how the story ends: a bad bad bad joke. …